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Manne SL , Chung DC , Weinberg DS , Vig HS , Catts Z , Cabral MK , Shannon K , Meropol NJ
Knowledge and attitudes about Microsatellite instability testing among high-risk individuals diagnosed with colorectal cancer
Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. 2007 Oct;16(10) :2110-2117
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For individuals meeting Bethesda criteria for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer syndrome, the microsatellite instability (MSI) test is recommended as a screening evaluation before proceeding to genetic testing. The MSI test is new to the medical setting, but will be increasingly used to screen patients at high risk for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. The main goals of this study were to examine knowledge about and exposure to the MSI test among individuals considering the test, to evaluate perceived benefits and barriers to undergoing the MSI test, and to identify the demographic, medical, and psychosocial correlates of the perceived benefits and barriers to undergoing the test. One hundred and twenty-five patients completed a survey after being offered the test, but prior to making the decision whether to pursue MSI testing. Results indicated low levels of knowledge about and previous exposure to the MSI test. Participants held positive attitudes about!
Manne, Sharon L. Chung, Daniel C. Weinberg, David S. Vig, Hetal S. Catts, Zohra Cabral, Melissa Klein Shannon, Kristen Meropol, Neal J. AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH