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Koltsova EK , Wiest DL , Vavilova TP
Transcription factors NFAT2 and Egr1 cooperatively regulate the maturation of T-lymphoma in vitro
Biochemistry-Moscow. 2007 Sep;72(9) :954-961
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We have demonstrated that transcription factors Egrl and NFAT2 cooperate in regulation of the early stages of T-lymphocyte development, whereas the related factors Egr2 and Egr3 do not cooperate with NFAT2. Egrl and NFAT2 are shown to cooperatively control gene expression of the regulatory factor Id3 and recombinase Rag2, whose functions are critical for T-lymphocyte differentiation. Thus, the concerted action of the transcription factors Egrl and NFAT2 can play a crucial role in regulation of the T cell differentiation in vitro due to the cooperative regulation of Id3 and Rag2 gene expression.
ISI Document Delivery No.: 216ZA Koltsova, E. K. Wiest, D. L. Vavilova, T. P.