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Murphy-Boesch J , Jiang H , Stoyanova R , Brown TR
Quantification of phosphorus metabolites from chemical shift imaging spectra with corrections for point spread effects and B-1 inhomogeneity
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1998 Mar;39(3) :429-438
PMID: ISI:000072087900012   
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A method is described for quantifying phosphorus metabolites in tissue using spectra localized with surface coils and chemical shift imaging (CSI) and assuming that metabolites are uniformly distributed within a well-defined volume, An analytical expression is developed that yields a single numerical correction factor that takes into account the excitation and receiver profiles of the coil, T-1 saturation, and point spread effects associated with Fourier transformation of CSI data, An external phosphorus standard is used to calibrate instrument gain and the B-1 profile of the coil. For spherical samples, point spread effects can modulate the signal intensities of three-dimensional CSI spectra from -32% to +54%, depending on the voxel size. Measurements of phantoms of known concentrations showed systematic variations of +/- 10% and random errors of +/- 5%. We have used this method to measure the concentration of phosphocreatine in the thigh muscle of normal volunteers.
Times Cited: 8 English Article YX870 MAGN RESON MED