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Lindsley A , Snider P , Zhou H , Rogers R , Wang J , Olaopa M , Kruzynska-Frejtag A , Koushik SV , Lilly B , Burch JBE , Firulli AB , Conway SJ
Identification and characterization of a novel Schwann and outflow tract endocardial cushion lineage-restricted periostin enhancer
Developmental Biology. 2007 Jul;307(2) :340-355
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Periostin is a fasciclin-containing adhesive glycoprotein that facilitates the migration and differentiation of cells that have undergone epithelial-mesenchymal transformation during embryogenesis and in pathological conditions. Despite the importance of post-transformational differentiation as a general developmental mechanism, little is known how periostin's embryonic expression is regulated. To help resolve this deficiency, a 3.9-kb periostin proximal promoter was isolated and shown to drive tissue-specific expression in the neural crest-derived Schwann cell lineage and in a subpopulation of periostin-expressing cells in the cardiac outflow tract endocardial cushions. In order to identify the enhancer and associated DNA binding factor(s) responsible, in vitro promoter dissection was undertaken in a Schwannoma line. Ultimately a 304-bp(peri) enhancer was identified and shown to be capable of recapitulating 3.9 kb(peri-lacZ) in vivo spatiotemporal patterns. Further mutat!
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