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Saouros S , Blumenschein TMA , Sawmynaden K , Marchant J , Koutroukides T , Liu B , Simpson P , Carpenter EP , Matthews SJ
High-level bacterial expression and purification of apicomplexan micronemal proteins for structural studies
Protein and Peptide Letters. 2007 ;14(5) :411-415
PMID: ISI:000247415500001   
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The cysteine-rich N-terminal domain of the micronernal adhesive protein MIC1 (MIC1-NT) from Toxoplasma gondii was cloned, expressed in Escherichia coli and purified. MIC1-NT is amenable to structural studies as shown by preliminary NMR and X-ray analysis. Positive results with two further micronemal proteins indicate that our strategy has wider application.
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