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Miller SM , Mischel W , Schroeder CM , Buzaglo JS , Hurley K , Schreiber P , Mangan CE
Intrusive and avoidant ideation among females pursuing infertility treatment
Psychology & Health. 1998 ;13(5) :847-858
PMID: ISI:000077512600005   
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It was shown that infertility and its treatment constitute a stressful experience for women, reflected particularly in disturbing intrusive ideation about the stress source. Infertility patients reported levels of intrusive ideation significantly higher than routine gynecologic patients and not significantly different from levels of psychiatric outpatients being treated far stress reactions to traumatic events. Intrusive ideation also predicted the degree of self-reported infertility-specific distress and dysfunction, further clarifying the key role of such ideation in the experience. Finally, as hypothesized, the frustration level of the treatment experience (as indexed by the number of infertility treatment methods attempted) predicted avoidant ideation. Implications for managing the psychological distress and disruption associated with the infertility treatment experience were discussed.
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