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Chen YB , Yeung A
Solid-phase extraction pipette tip sample preparation for membrane protein intact mass analysis by MALDI-MS
Lc Gc North America. 2007 Jun :96-98
PMID: ISI:000247215400059   
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Analysis by mass spectrometry (MS) of integral membrane proteins and those associated with membrane is an important aspect of proteomics. It is, however, a very challenging task due to the insolubility of hydrophobic proteins and peptides in water. This article describes a new sample preparation protocol favoring the analysis of the intact mass of membrane (and potentially other hydrophobic) proteins by using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI)-MS. The unique protocol uses 40% formic acid and 60% isopropyl alcohol for pipette tip solid-phase extraction and spotting onto a MALDI time-of-flight target plate.
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