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Cornfeld M , Miller S , Ross E , Schneider D
Accuracy of cancer-risk assessment in primary care practice
J Cancer Educ. 2001 Winter;16(4) :193-8
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BACKGROUND: Primary care physicians (PCPs) are expected to play a central role in assessing cancer risk. This study was designed to evaluate how accurately PCPs would triage individuals at increased risk for cancer when presented with clinical vignettes. METHODS: Surveys evaluated practice demographics, attitudes, and responses to clinical scenarios. Answers were compared with guidelines and graded for consistency with the risk assessment. RESULTS: PCPs were inaccurate in assessing risk (p < 0.0001) and inconsistent in recommending screening (p < 0.001). Older physicians were more consistent (p < 0.02). No attitudinal bias was identified. CONCLUSION: Continuing education of PCPs is important for cancer-risk assessment and management.
0885-8195 Journal Article