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Kelsall SR , Mintz B
Metastatic cutaneous melanoma promoted by ultraviolet radiation in mice with transgene-initiated low melanoma susceptibility
Cancer Research. 1998 Sep 15;58(18) :4061-4065
PMID: ISI:000075987800009   
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An inbred-strain (C57BL/6) transgenic (Tyr-SV40E) mouse model of ultraviolet radiation (UVR)-induced metastatic cutaneous melanoma was produced without the use of chemical carcinogens and without resulting in other skin malignancies. Expression of this transgene occurs specifically in melanocytic-lineage cells. In untreated hemizygous mice of transgenic line 12 there are no skin melanomas, and the oncogenic sequence, which is expressed at a very low level, functions solely as a weak initiating stimulus. UVR [including 65% ultraviolet B (280-320 nm wavelength)] supplied the necessary promoting stimulus leading to melanomas. Of various trial protocols, eight were successful and involved exposure of 112 mice for a limited time on each of 3-10 days starting at 2-3 days of age and totalling 1.13.7 J/cm(2) UVR. Fourteen of these animals developed a total of 15 invasive skin melanomas on the head and body, arising between 37-115 weeks of age and, therefore, often after a relatively long latency. The tumors were melanotic and in five of the mice they yielded macrometastases in regional and distant sites. The single most favorable protocol (1.9 J/cm(2) total UVR, at 0.38 J/cm(2)/day for 5 days starting at 3 days of age) led to the highest incidence of melanoma (5 of 19 mice) and one of the lowest mortality rates (2 of 19). No melanomas occurred in UVR-treated nontransgenic C57BL/6 controls. Benign skin keratoacanthomas arose and often regressed in treated transgenic as well as nontransgenic mice. This new transgenic mouse model introduces many novel possibilities for experimental analysis of the melanoma-promoting mechanisms of UVR and also of the ability of specific genetic changes to impede or facilitate the UVR effect.
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