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Fourkal E , Velchev I , Ma CM , Smolyakov A
Resonant transparency of materials with negative permittivity
Physics Letters A. 2007 Feb;361(4-5) :277-282
PMID: ISI:000244767900001   
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It is shown that the transparency of opaque material with negative permittivity exhibits resonant behavior. The resonance occurs as a result of the excitation of the surface waves at slab boundaries. Dramatic field amplification of the incident evanescent fields at the resonance improves the resolution of the sub-wavelength imaging system (superlens). At the resonance, two evanescent waves have a finite phase shift providing non-zero energy flux through the non-transparent region. It is also shown that the resonant excitation of a surface mode creates a condition for the total transparency of a finite thickness slab to a p-polarized obliquely incident electromagnetic wave for resonant values of the incidence angle and wave frequency. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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