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Katz AK , Carrell HL , Glusker JP
Dibenzo a,l pyrene (dibenzo def,p chrysene): fjord-region distortions
Carcinogenesis. 1998 Sep;19(9) :1641-1648
PMID: ISI:000075934700017   
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The molecular dimensions of the potent chemical carcinogen dibenzo[def,p]chrysene, also known as dibenzo[a,l]pyrene, have been determined by X-ray diffraction methods. This analysis shows that the molecule is considerably distorted so that it is non-planar with an angle of 27.6 degrees between the outermost rings and a widening of C-C-C bond angles in the fjord region. The dimensions of the molecular distortion due to atomic overcrowding in the fjord region are presented. This polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon is a more potent carcinogen than is benzo[a]pyrene or its 11-methyl derivative. Comparisons of the distortions in dibenzo[a,l]pyrene with the geometries of various other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons containing fjord- or bay-region methyl groups provide structural data on the ratio of angular to torsional distortion in such overcrowded molecules.
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