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Ke JY , Gururajan M , Kumar A , Simmons A , Turcios L , Chelvarajan RL , Cohen DM , Wiest DL , Monroe JG , Bondada S
The role of MAPKs in B cell receptor-induced down-regulation of Egr-1 in immature B lymphoma cells
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2006 Dec;281(52) :39806-39818
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Cross-linking of the B cell receptor (BCR) on the immature B lymphoma cell line BKS-2 induces growth inhibition and apoptosis accompanied by rapid down-regulation of the immediate-early gene egr- 1. In these lymphoma cells, egr-1 is expressed constitutively and has a prosurvival role, as Egr-1-specific antisense oligonucleotides or expression of a dominant-negative inhibitor of Egr-1 also prevented the growth of BKS-2 cells. Moreover, enhancement of Egr-1 protein with phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate or an egr-1 expression vector rescued BKS-2 cells from BCR signal-induced growth inhibition. Nuclear run- on and mRNA stability assays indicated that BCR-derived signals act at the transcriptional level to reduce egr-1 expression. Inhibitors of ERK and JNK (but not of p38 MAPK) reduced egr-1 expression at the protein level. Transcriptional regulation appears to have a role because egr-1 promoter-driven luciferase expression was reduced by ERK and JNK inhibitors. Promoter trunc!