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Gonen O , Murdoch JB , Stoyanova R , Goelman G
3D multivoxel proton spectroscopy of human brain using a hybrid of 8th-order Hadamard encoding with 2D chemical shift imaging
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1998 Jan;39(1) :34-40
PMID: ISI:000071161400007   
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Multivoxel 3D localized proton spectroscopy using a hybrid of 1D 8th-order transverse Hadamard spectroscopic imaging (HSI) with 2D chemical shift imaging (CSI) is demonstrated in human brain. The spatially selective HSI pulse incorporates naturally into the PRESS sequence (TE = 135 ms), which then both excites an 8 x 8 x 6 cm parallelepiped volume of interest (VOI) and subdivides it into eight slices. The planes of these slices are further partitioned into 16 x 16 voxel arrays using 2D CSI to yield 8 x 8 x 8 voxels within the VOI. Simultaneous 3D coverage yields good voxel signal-to-noise (8, 12, and 22 for choline, creatine, and N-acetylaspartate, respectively) from these 0.75- ml voxels, in similar to 45 min. The high spatial isolation allows localization to within less than 1 cm from the skull without fat contamination.
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