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El-Shanti H , Murray JC , Semina EV , Beutow KH , Scherpbier T , Al-Alami J
Assignment of gene responsible for progressive pseudorheumatoid dysplasia to chromosome 6 and examination of COL10A1 as candidate gene
European Journal of Human Genetics. 1998 May-Jun;6(3) :251-256
PMID: ISI:000074551200009   
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Progressive pseudorheumatoid dysplasia is an autosomal recessive skeletal dysplasia with radiographic changes in the spine similar to Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda and clinical, though not radiographic resemblance to rheumatoid arthritis. About two-thirds of the reported patients are of Arabic and Mediterranean origin which reflects the relative high incidence in this population. We performed homozygosity mapping utilising the DNA pooling approach to map progressive pseudorheumatoid dysplasia to a chromosomal region on the long arm of chromosome 6, We examined a possible candidate gene in the same region of linkage, namely COL10A1, for alterations in this disorder. We did not identify any mutations in our family, but did not totally exclude COL10A1 gene from being the disease-causing gene.
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