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Cancro MP , Allman DM , Hayes CE , Lentz VM , Fields RG , Sah AP , Tomayko M
B cell maturation and selection at the marrow-periphery interface
Immunologic Research. 1998 ;17(1-2) :3-11
PMID: ISI:000071713200002   
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More than 95% of newly formed B cells die in the short interval spanning sIgM acquisition in the bone marrow and entry into the long-lived pool, suggesting that selective events dictating B cell longevity occur at this stage. These likely include both ligand-induced deletion as well as discrete events that mediate recruitment to the long-lived recirculating pool. We are probing these events through the examination of normal B cell differentiation during this critical period: the characterization of a natural mutation that blocks late maturation, an irradiation/autoreconstitution model of marrow- derived B cell differentiation, and the identification of life span regulatory genes whose expression changes within this window.
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