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How to use this web site

View publication by year
Move the cursor to the Publication by year link in the left navigation panel then select a year from the dropdown list. All the publications are sorted by publication date then by title.
Link to publications by author name
Names of Fox Chase Cancer Center staff are always displayed in bold text in author list. Click on the name to see all publications by that author.
Link to the publication details page
In the page of a list of publications, the title of a publication is a link to the publication details page. Click on the title to see the abstract, PMID, and/or link to the PubMed page if available.
Back to the previous list from the publication details page
Click the Back icon on the publication details page to return to the previous list.
View publication by program
Move the cursor to the Programs link in the left navigation panel then select a program to see a list of selected publications by year.
Search by author name
When you are viewing publication by year or by author, a search bar will be displayed on top. Check the Author option and type an author's last name in the textbox to search for publication by author. After you type in a few letters, a list of autocomplete suggestions will appear to speed up searching.
Search publication by title
Check the Title option in the search bar and type in the textbox to search for any publication which title contains the specified words.
Filter records on the page
While on the publication list page, you can type in the Filter records to quickly view a subset of the listed publications. It is a great way to find, for example, how many publications published in 2020 with BRCA1 in the title
Adjust number of records displayed on the page
By default, 10 publications are displayed on each page. It can be adjusted to show 25, 50, or 100 records per page.