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Einarson MB , Golemis EA
Encroaching genomics: adapting large-scale science to small academic laboratories
Physiol Genomics. 2000 Apr 27;2(3) :85-92
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The process of conducting biological research is undergoing a profound metamorphosis due to the technological innovations and torrent of information resulting from the execution of multiple species genome projects. The further tasks of mapping polymorphisms and characterizing genome-wide protein-protein interaction (the characterization of the proteome) will continue to garner resources, talent, and public attention. Although some elements of these whole genome size projects can only be addressed by large research groups, consortia, or industry, the impact of these projects has already begun to transform the process of research in many small laboratories. Although the impact of this transformation is generally positive, laboratories engaged in types of research destined to be dominated by the efforts of a genomic consortium may be negatively impacted if they cannot rapidly adjust strategies in the face of new large-scale competition. The focus of this report is to outline a series of strategies that have been productively utilized by a number of small academic laboratories that have attempted to integrate such genomic resources into research plans with the goal of developing novel physiological insights.
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