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Ma CM , Price R , McNeeley S , Chen L , Li JS , Wang L , Ding M , Fourkal E , Qin L
Clinical implementation and quality assurance for intensity modulated radiation therapy
Standards and Codes of Practice in Medical Radiation Dosimetry, Proceedings of an International Symposium, Vienna, Austria, Nov. 25-28, 2002. 2003 ;2 :369-380
PMID: AN 2004:692414   
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The paper describes the clin. implementation and quality assurance of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), based on experience at the Fox Chase Cancer Center, and reviews the procedures for the clin. implementation of the IMRT technique and the requirements for patient immobilization, target delineation, treatment optimization, beam delivery and system administration. The dosimetric requirements and measurement procedures for beam commissioning and dosimetry verification for IMRT are discussed and the details of model based dose calcn. for IMRT treatment planning and the potential problems with such dose calcn. algorithms are examd. The paper also discusses the effect of beam delivery systems on the actual dose distributions received by the patient and the methods to incorporate such effects in the treatment optimization process. Finally, the use of the Monte Carlo method for dose calcn. and treatment verification for IMRT is investigated. [on SciFinder (R)]
CAN 142:331876 8-1 Radiation Biochemistry Department of Radiation Oncology,Fox Chase Cancer Center,Philadelphia,PA,USA. Conference written in English.