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Xiong W , Li J , Chen L , Price RA , Freedman G , Ding M , Qin L , Yang J , Ma CM
Optimization of combined electron and photon beams for breast cancer
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2004 May;49(10) :1973-1989
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Recently, intensity-modulated radiation therapy and modulated electron radiotherapy have gathered a growing interest for the treatment of breast and head and neck tumours. In this work, we carried out a study to combine electron and photon beams to achieve differential dose distributions for multiple target volumes simultaneously. A Monte Carlo based treatment planning system was investigated, which consists of a set of software tools to perform accurate dose calculation, treatment optimization, leaf sequencing and plan analysis. We compared breast treatment plans generated using this home-grown optimization and dose calculation software for different treatment techniques. Five different planning techniques have been developed for this study based on a standard photon beam whole breast treatment and an electron beam tumour bed cone down. Technique 1 includes two 6 MV tangential wedged photon beams followed by an anterior boost electron field. Technique 2 includes two 6 MV tangential intensity-modulated photon beams and the same boost electron field. Technique 3 optimizes two intensity-modulated photon beams based on a boost electron field. Technique 4 optimizes two intensity-modulated photon beams and the weight of the boost electron field. Technique 5 combines two intensity-modulated photon beams with an intensity-modulated electron field. Our results show that technique 2 can reduce hot spots both in the breast and the turnout bed compared to technique 1 (dose inhomogeneity is reduced from 34% to 28% for the target). Techniques 3, 4 and 5 can deliver a more homogeneous dose distribution to the target (with dose inhomogeneities for the target of 22%, 20% and 9%, respectively). In many cases techniques 3, 4 and 5 can reduce the dose to the lung and heart. It is concluded that combined photon and electron beam therapy may be advantageous for treating breast cancer compared to conventional treatment techniques using tangential wedged photon beams followed by a boost electron field. Addresses: Fox Chase Canc Ctr, Dept Radiat Oncol, Philadelphia, PA 19111 USA
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