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Hung RJ , Boffetta P , Brockmoller J , Butkiewicz D , Cascorbi I , Clapper ML , Garte S , Haugen A , Hirvonen A , Anttila S , Kalina I , Le Marchand L , London SJ , Rannug A , Romkes M , Salagovic J , Schoket B , Gaspari L , Taioli E
CYP1A1 and GSTM1 genetic polymorphisms and lung cancer risk in Caucasian non-smokers: a pooled analysis
Carcinogenesis. 2003 May;24(5) :875-882
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Polymorphisms for genes encoding the metabolic enzymes cytochrome P450 1A1 (CYP1A1) and glutathione S-transferase M1 (GSTM1) might contribute to the variability in individual susceptibility to lung cancer. The role of CYP1A1 and GSTM1 in lung carcinogenesis might be more important at low levels of exposure to carcinogens. Non-smokers represent a population at low exposure, however, they are often overlooked because of the small number of cases. We therefore conducted a pooled analysis of 14 case- control studies on lung cancer in Caucasian non-smokers with comparable information on genetic polymorphisms included in the International Collaborative Study on Genetic Susceptibility to Environmental Carcinogens. We pooled the raw data from a total of 302 cases and 1631 controls with random effects models. We also evaluated the possibility of inclusion bias and conducted influence analyses. The odds ratio (OR) of lung cancer for the variant CYP1A1 Ile(462)Val polymorphism (Ile/Val, Val/Val) was 2.99 [95% confidence interval (95%CI) 1.51-5.91]; this effect was stronger on lung adenocarcinoma (OR 4.85, 95%CI 2.03-11.6). After excluding outlying or imprecise studies, we did not observe a significant effect of the CYP1A1 MspI ((TC)-C-3801) polymorphism or GSTM1 null genotype (OR 1.20, 95%CI 0.89-1.63). Furthermore, our analyses suggested a combined effect of the CYP1A1 Ile(462)Val polymorphism and GSTM1 null genotype. The OR for the combination of the CYP1A1 Ile(462)Val variant and GSTM1 null genotype was 4.67 (95%CI 2.00-10.9) compared with the concurrent presence of the CYP1A1 wild-type and GSTM1 non-null genotype. We did not observe a modification of the effect of the GSTM1 null genotype according to exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and urban/rural residence. Our study therefore suggests that the CYP1A1 Ile(462)Val variant allele might play a role in lung carcinogenesis among non-smokers, possibly in combination with the GSTM1 null genotype.
Boffetta, P,Int Agcy Res Canc, Unit Environm Canc Epidemiol, 150 Cours Albert Thomas, F-69372 Lyon 08, France Article English