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Persky DO , Li H , Stephens DM , Park SI , Bartlett NL , Swinnen LJ , Barr PM , Winegarden JD , Constine LS , Fitzgerald TJ , Leonard JP , Kahl BS , LeBlanc ML , Song JY , Fisher RI , Rimsza LM , Smith SM , Miller TP , Friedberg JW
Interim positron emission tomography in limited-stage diffuse large B cell lymphoma: A modern will-o'-the-wisp?
National Medical Journal of India. 2021 Jan-Feb;34(1) :37-39
PMID: WOS:000686089200010   
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Persky, D. O. Li, H. Stephens, D. M. Park, S., I Bartlett, N. L. Swinnen, L. J. Barr, P. M. Winegarden, J. D., III Constine, L. S. Fitzgerald, T. J. Leonard, J. P. Kahl, B. S. LeBlanc, M. L. Song, J. Y. Fisher, R., I Rimsza, L. M. Smith, S. M. Miller, T. P. Friedberg, J. W.