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Ashing KT , Ragin C , Ariyo O , Amini A , George M , Ford J
Thoughts and consideration regarding immigrant clinicians: is cultural preservation influencing providers' practice in HPV vaccination
Cancer Causes Control. 2021 Oct;32(10) :1043-1045
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Immigrant clinicians are vital to population healthcare delivery and therefore population health. One in four physicians in the USA is foreign-born and notably represented in family and pediatric medicine-specialties charged with administering childhood/adolescent vaccines, such as human papillomavirus vaccine (HPVV). Our examination suggests there may be unique cultural and socialization factors that influence clinician HPVV recommendation practice; however, immigrant clinicians have not been adequately engaged within the national HPVV agenda. Given the volume and significance of immigrant clinicians, engagement of these clinicians, in both community and nation-wide efforts to increase HPVV, is a necessary step for improving and achieving the national health goal of optimizing HPVV for cancer prevention.
1573-7225 Ashing, Kimlin T Orcid: 0000-0002-6209-508x Ragin, Camille Ariyo, Oluwatosin Amini, Arya George, Marshalee Ford, Jacqueline Journal Article Netherlands Cancer Causes Control. 2021 Aug 27. doi: 10.1007/s10552-021-01488-0.