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Gradishar WJ , Moran MS , Abraham J , Aft R , Agnese D , Allison KH , Blair SL , Burstein HJ , Dang C , Elias AD , Giordano SH , Goetz MP , Goldstein LJ , Hurvitz SA , Isakoff SJ , Jankowitz RC , Javid SH , Krishnamurthy J , Leitch M , Lyons J , Matro J , Mayer IA , Mortimer J , O'Regan RM , Patel SA , Pierce LJ , Rugo HS , Sitapati A , Smith KL , Smith ML , Soliman H , Stringer-Reasor EM , Telli ML , Ward JH , Wisinski KB , Young JS , Burns JL , Kumar R
NCCN GuidelinesĀ® Insights: Breast Cancer, Version 4.2021
J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2021 May 1;19(5) :484-493
PMID: 34030128   
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The NCCN Guidelines for Breast Cancer include up-to-date guidelines for clinical management of patients with carcinoma in situ, invasive breast cancer, Paget disease, phyllodes tumor, inflammatory breast cancer, male breast cancer, and breast cancer during pregnancy. These guidelines are developed by a multidisciplinary panel of representatives from NCCN Member Institutions with breast cancer-focused expertise in the fields of medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, reconstructive surgery, and patient advocacy. These NCCN Guidelines Insights focus on the most recent updates to recommendations for adjuvant systemic therapy in patients with nonmetastatic, early-stage, hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.
1540-1413 Gradishar, William J Moran, Meena S Abraham, Jame Aft, Rebecca Agnese, Doreen Allison, Kimberly H Blair, Sarah L Burstein, Harold J Dang, Chau Elias, Anthony D Giordano, Sharon H Goetz, Matthew P Goldstein, Lori J Hurvitz, Sara A Isakoff, Steven J Jankowitz, Rachel C Javid, Sara H Krishnamurthy, Jairam Leitch, Marilyn Lyons, Janice Matro, Jennifer Mayer, Ingrid A Mortimer, Joanne O'Regan, Ruth M Patel, Sameer A Pierce, Lori J Rugo, Hope S Sitapati, Amy Smith, Karen Lisa Smith, Mary Lou Soliman, Hatem Stringer-Reasor, Erica M Telli, Melinda L Ward, John H Wisinski, Kari B Young, Jessica S Burns, Jennifer L Kumar, Rashmi Journal Article United States J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2021 May 1;19(5):484-493. doi: 10.6004/jnccn.2021.0023.