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Babaian C , Kumar S
How to Build a Super Predator: From Genotype to Phenotype
Am Biol Teach. 2021 Mar;83(3) :138-146
PMID: 34012167    PMCID: PMC8130183   
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We present a drawing discovery lab that crosscuts multiple disciplines in biology and links concepts in genetics and evolutionary thinking to enhance understanding of the genotype-to-phenotype transformation. These combined concepts are also linked to ecological frameworks in nature through the model of biological plasticity. Students and teachers explore drawing skills to flesh out the future of a predator while engaging with the computational software MEGA, which introduces students and teachers to nucleotide changes, mutations, variation, phylogenetics, and molecular evolution.
1938-4211 Babaian, Caryn Kumar, Sudhir R35 GM139540/GM/NIGMS NIH HHS/United States Journal Article Am Biol Teach. 2021 Mar;83(3):138-146. doi: 10.1525/abt.2021.83.3.138.