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Rubin L , Stabler CT , Schumacher-Klinger A , Marcinkiewicz C , Lelkes PI , Lazarovici P
Neurotrophic factors and their receptors in lung development and implications in lung diseases
Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 2021 Jun;59 :84-94
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Although lung innervation has been described by many studies in humans and rodents, the regulation of the respiratory system induced by neurotrophins is not fully understood. Here, we review current knowledge on the role of neurotrophins and the expression and function of their receptors in neurogenesis, vasculogenesis and during the embryonic development of the respiratory tree and highlight key implications relevant to respiratory diseases.
1879-0305 Rubin, Limor Stabler, Collin T Schumacher-Klinger, Adi Marcinkiewicz, Cezary Lelkes, Peter I Lazarovici, Philip Journal Article Review England Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 2021 Feb 5:S1359-6101(21)00016-2. doi: 10.1016/j.cytogfr.2021.01.008.