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Metastatic Melanoma With Leptomeningeal Disease
J Adv Pract Oncol. 2021 Jan-Feb;12(1) :79-83
PMID: 33552663   
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Leptomeningeal disease in patients with melanoma historically portends a grim prognosis, with median survival measured in weeks to months. The advent of effective immunotherapy and targeted agents may modify the outcome of such patients. This case report describes a 43-year-old patient diagnosed with stage IIIa BRAF-positive cutaneous melanoma in 2012 who subsequently developed leptomeningeal involvement as her sole site of melanotic metastasis. She received multiple systemic therapies and radiotherapy and survived 2.5 years after her diagnosis with central nervous system involvement. This case report highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary team and the advent of effective agents, which offers the potential for significantly improved outcomes for patients with metastatic melanoma involving the central nervous system.
2150-0886 Marinova, Amanda M Reilly, Jennifer L Wong, Victoria Weiss, Stephanie Olszanski, Anthony J Journal Article J Adv Pract Oncol. 2021 Jan-Feb;12(1):79-83. doi: 10.6004/jadpro.2021.12.1.6. Epub 2021 Jan 1.