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Hill MV , Ross EA , Crawford D , Lai L , Turaga K , Grubbs EG , Mullen J , Dineen S , D'Angelica M , Reddy S , Farma JM
Program and candidate experience with virtual interviews for the 2020 Complex General Surgical Oncology interview season during the COVID pandemic
Am J Surg. 2021 Jul;222(1) :99-103
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BACKGROUND: The COVID crisis hit during the interview season for the Complex General Surgical Oncology (CGSO) fellowship. With minimal time to adapt, all programs transitioned to virtual interviews. Here we describe the experience of both program directors (PDs) and candidates with virtual interviews, and provide guidelines for implementation based on the results. METHODS: Surveys regarding interview day specifics and perceptions were created for CGSO fellowship PDs and candidates. They were distributed at the conclusion of the season, prior to match. RESULTS: Thirty (94%) PDs and 64 (79%) candidates responded. Eighty-three% of PDs and 79% of candidates agreed or strongly agreed that they felt comfortable creating a rank list. If given the choice, 60% of PDs and 45% of candidates would choose virtual interviews over in-person interviews. The majority of candidates found PD overviews, fellows only sessions and pre-interview materials helpful. CONCLUSION: Overall, the majority of PDs and candidates felt comfortable creating a rank list; however, more PDs preferred virtual interviews for the future. Our results also confirm key components of a virtual interview day.
1879-1883 Hill, Maureen V Ross, Eric A Crawford, Derrick Lai, Lily Turaga, Kiran Grubbs, Elizabeth G Mullen, John Dineen, Sean D'Angelica, Michael Reddy, Sanjay Farma, Jeffrey M Journal Article United States Am J Surg. 2020 Nov 9:S0002-9610(20)30730-3. doi: 10.1016/j.amjsurg.2020.11.007.