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Bruneau M Jr , Milliron BJ , Sinclair E , Obeid E , Gross L , Bealin L , Smaltz C , Butryn M , Giri VN
Physical activity assessment among men undergoing genetic counseling for inherited prostate cancer: a teachable moment for improved survivorship
Support Care Cancer. 2021 Apr;29(4) :2145-2151
PMID: 32876733    PMCID: PMC7897228    URL: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32876733
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BACKGROUND: Genetic counseling (GC) presents an opportunity to address modifiable cancer risk factors, such as obesity, which is impacted by non-adherence to physical activity (PA) guidelines. Adherence to PA guidelines has not been assessed among men undergoing GC for prostate cancer (PCA). We conducted a targeted analysis of men undergoing PCA GC to assess adherence to PA recommendations. METHODS: Using a cross-sectional design, a total of 158 men from the Genetic Evaluation of Men (GEM) study at two academic cancer centers with a diagnosis or at risk for PCA completed a structured lifestyle survey, including questions about the number of days and intensity of PA over the past year. One-sample t tests assessed adherence of participants to PA recommendations. Chi-square analyses compared differences in PA adherence by PCA status, aggressiveness, family history, and body mass index. Logistic regression analyses identified predictors of PA adherence. RESULTS: High proportions of GEM participants were overweight (44.9%) or obese (38.0%, p = 0.002). Men with PCA engaged in less moderate (p = 0.019) and vigorous (p = 0.005) aerobic activity than men without PCA. Higher education was predictive of adherence to light (p = 0.008), moderate (p = 0.019), and vigorous (p = 0.002) intensity PA. Older age (p = 0.015) and higher education (p = 0.001) were predictive of adherence to strength-based recommendations. CONCLUSIONS: High proportions of men receiving PCA GC were overweight/obese and lacked adherence to PA recommendations. GC represents a teachable moment to address PA to reduce cancer risk and promote cancer survivorship.
1433-7339 Bruneau, Michael Jr Milliron, Brandy-Joe Sinclair, Elizabeth Obeid, Elias Gross, Laura Bealin, Lisa Smaltz, Christa Butryn, Meghan Giri, Veda N 5p30ca056036-19/nih ccsg/ 080-37270- AL0801/Pennsylvania Department of Health/ Journal Article Germany Support Care Cancer. 2020 Sep 2. doi: 10.1007/s00520-020-05667-8.