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Zhang T , Pabla S , Lenzo FL , Conroy JM , Nesline MK , Glenn ST , Papanicolau-Sengos A , Burgher B , Giamo V , Andreas J , Wang Y , Bshara W , Madden KG , Shirai K , Dragnev K , Tafe LJ , Gupta R , Zhu J , Labriola M , McCall S , George DJ , Ghatalia P , Dayyani F , Edwards R , Park MS , Singh R , Jacob R , George S , Xu B , Zibelman M , Kurzrock R , Morrison C
Proliferative potential and response to nivolumab in clear cell renal cell carcinoma patients
OncoImmunology. 2020 Jun 10;9(1) :1773200
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Background: Biomarkers predicting immunotherapy response in metastatic renal cell cancer (mRCC) are lacking. PD-L1 immunohistochemistry is a complementary diagnostic for immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) in mRCC, but has shown minimal clinical utility and is not used in routine clinical practice. Methods: Tumor specimens from 56 patients with mRCC who received nivolumab were evaluated for PD-L1, cell proliferation (targeted RNA-seq), and outcome. Results: For 56 patients treated with nivolumab as a standard of care, there were 2 complete responses and 8 partial responses for a response rate of 17.9%. Dividing cell proliferation into tertiles, derived from the mean expression of 10 proliferation-associated genes in a reference set of tumors, poorly proliferative tumors (62.5%) were more common than moderately (30.4%) or highly proliferative (8.9%) counterparts. Moderately proliferative tumors were enriched for PD-L1 positive (41.2%), compared to poorly proliferative counterparts (11.4%). Objective response for moderately proliferative (29.4%) tumors was higher than that of poorly (11.4%) proliferative counterparts, but not statistically significant (p = .11). When cell proliferation and negative PD-L1 tumor proportion scores were combined statistically significant results were achieved (p = .048), showing that patients with poorly proliferative and PD-L1 negative tumors have a very low response rate (6.5%) compared to moderately proliferative PD-L1 negative tumors (30%). Conclusions: Cell proliferation has value in predicting response to nivolumab in clear cell mRCC patients, especially when combined with PD-L1 expression. Further studies which include the addition of progression-free survival (PFS) along with sufficiently powered subgroups are required to further support these findings.
Export Date: 10 August 2020