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Volokh OI , Hsieh FK , Karlova MG , Trifonova ES , Studitsky VM , Sokolova OS
Study of RNA polymerase transcription through nucleosome using the cryo-electron microscopy approach
Moscow University Biological Sciences Bulletin. 2016 Jan;71(1) :34-38
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A promising and reliable method for the analysis of macromolecule structures is capturing images using cryo-electron transmission microscopy and consequently performing three-dimensional reconstructions. In this study, using cryo-electron microscopy, we analyzed the structure of the complex, formed by RNA polymerase stalled at position +42 during its transcription through the nucleosome. We obtained both projection images and a three-dimensional structure of the EC-42 complex at 2.5 nm resolution. This allowed us to confirm the conformational integrity of the nucleosome during the passage of the RNA polymerase. © 2016, Allerton Press, Inc.
Export Date: 6 June 2016