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Tetzlaff ED , Cheng JD , Ajani JA
Review of docetaxel in the treatment of gastric cancer
Ther Clin Risk Manag. 2008 Oct;4(5) :999-1007
PMID: 19209281    PMCID: PMC2621422   
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Gastric cancer is a global health problem accounting for 800,000 cancer related deaths annually. Often diagnosed at an advanced stage, the treatment of gastric cancer with chemotherapy is directed towards palliating cancer related symptoms with only modest improvements in survival. In addition, no regimen has emerged as a globally accepted standard. New therapeutic options are desperately needed for the treatment of gastric cancer. Docetaxel given in combination has recently emerged as a new option for patients with advanced gastric cancer. This review focuses on the treatment of advanced gastric cancer utilizing docetaxel-based therapy and the novel additions of biotherapy to the existing cytotoxic platforms. In addition, the current investigations of docetaxel for the treatment of potentially curable gastric cancer will be discussed.
Tetzlaff, Eric D Cheng, Jonathan D Ajani, Jaffer A New Zealand Therapeutics and clinical risk management Ther Clin Risk Manag. 2008 Oct;4(5):999-1007.