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Hurley K , Miller SM , Rubin L , Weinberg DS
The individual facing genetic issues: Information processing, decision making, perception, and health-protective behaviors
Individuals, families, and the new era of genetics : biopsychosocial perspectives. 2006 :79-117
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2006040144 GBA666417 bnb edited by Suzanne M. Miller ... [et al.]. ill. ; 25 cm. "A Norton professional book." Includes bibliographical references and index. Keeping the individual and family in focus / Susanne L. Feetham and Elizabeth J. Thomson -- Toward a psychosocial model for the new era of genetics / John S. Rolland and Janet K. Williams -- The individual facing genetic issues : information processing, decision making, perception, and health-protective behaviors / Karen Hurley ... [et al.] -- "It runs in the family" : family systems concepts and genetically linked disorders / Susan H. McDaniel ... [et al.] -- Living with anticipatory loss in the new era of genetics : a life cycle perspective / John S. Rolland -- Psychosocial interventions for patients and families coping with genetic conditions / Susan H. McDaniel ... [et al.] -- Behavior genetics, families, and mental health / Erica L. Spotts, Hilary Towers, and David Reiss -- Neurodegenerative genetic conditions : the example of Huntington disease / Janet K. Williams and Susan Sobel -- Cystic fibrosis : psychosocial consequences of genetic testing and screening programs / Carolyn Constantin and Audrey Tluczek Psychosocial processes in genetic risk assessment for breast cancer / Suzanne M. Miller ... [et al.] -- Genetic and family-related issues within a complex disease model : colorectal cancer / Neal J. Meropol ... [et al.] -- Lung cancer susceptibility : implications for smoking and behavior change / Kenneth P. Tercyak, Lisa S. Cox, and Peter G. Shields -- Genetics and reproductive issues : psychosocial issues and prenatal testing / Linda Hammer Burns -- Genetic screening for Type 1 diabetes : psychosocial impact on families / Suzanne Bennett Johnson -- Inherited cardiovascular diseases / M. Dominique Ashen -- Genetics and family relationships in schizophrenia and the schizophrenic spectrum disorders / Pekka Tienari, Lyman C. Wynne, and Karl-Erik Wahlberg -- Ethical issues in reproductive genetics / Kelly Ormond and Lainie Friedman Ross -- Ethical issues in pediatric genetics / Lainie Friedman Ross and Norman Fost -- Genetic testing : legal and policy issues for individuals and their families / Jean McEwen -- Professional collaboration to assess and care for genetic disorders / Susan H. McDaniel, June Peters, and Louise Acheson.