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Magid Abou-Gharbia

Center AffiliationsMolecular Therapeutics

Publications (26) (print view)

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Mgbonyebi OP, Russo J, Russo IH. Antiproliferative effect of synthetic resveratrol on human breast epithelial cells. International Journal of Oncology. 1998 Apr;12(4):865-9.
Mgbonyebi OP, Russo J, Russo IH. Roscovitine inhibits the proliferative activity of immortal and neoplastic human breast epithelial cells. Anticancer research. 1998 Mar;18(2A):751-5.
Miller SM, Mischel W, Schroeder CM, Buzaglo JS, Hurley K, Schreiber P, Mangan CE. Intrusive and avoidant ideation among females pursuing infertility treatment. Psychology & Health. 1998 Jan;13(5):847-58.
Minsky BD, Coia L, Haller DG, Hoffman J, John M, Landry J, Pisansky TM, Willett C, Mahon I, Owen J, Berkey B, Katz A, Hanks G. Radiation therapy for rectosigmoid and rectal cancer: Results of the 1992-1994 patterns of care process survey. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1998 Jul;16(7):2542-7.
Khorasanizadeh S, Peters ID, Roder H. Effect of Amino-Acid Changes at the Helix-Sheet Interface of Ubiquitin on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Folding. Protein Engineering. 1995 Jan;8:21.
Rebbeck TR, Dietz FR, Murray JC, Buetow KH. A Single-Gene Explanation for the Probability of Having Idiopathic Talipes Equinovarus. American Journal of Human Genetics. 1993 Nov;53(5):1051-63.
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