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Paul Engstrom

Center AffiliationsCancer Prevention and Control

Publications (138) (print view)

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Lerman C, Ross E, Boyce A, Gorchov PM, McLaughlin R, Rimer B, Engstrom P. The Impact of Mailing Psychoeducational Materials to Women with Abnormal Mammograms. American journal of public health. 1992 May;82(5):729-30.
Rimer BK, Resch N, King E, Ross E, Lerman C, Boyce A, Kessler H, Engstrom PF. Multistrategy Health-Education Program to Increase Mammography Use among Women Ages 65 and Older. Public Health Reports. 1992 Jul;107(4):369-80.
Rosvold E, Schilder R, Walczak J, Difino SM, Flynn PJ, Banerjee TK, Heim WJ, Engstrom PF, Ozols RF, Odwyer PJ. Phase-Ii Trial of Pala in Combination with 5-Fluorouracil in Advanced Pancreatic-Cancer. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 1992 Feb;29(4):305-8.
Coia LR, Engstrom PF, Paul AR, Stafford PM, Hanks GE. Long-Term Results of Infusional 5-Fu, Mitomycin-C, and Radiation as Primary Management of Esophageal-Carcinoma. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1991 Jan;20(1):29-36.
Daly M, Lerman C, Sands C, Boyce A, Engstrom P. Impact of Coping Style on Risk Perception and Health Behavior in Women Genetically Predisposed to Breast-Cancer. American journal of human genetics. 1991 Oct;49(4):311.
Engstrom PF. Specific Compliance Issues in an Antiestrogen Trial of Women at Risk for Breast-Cancer. Prev Med. 1991 Jan;20(1):125-31.
Engstrom PF, Ryan LM, Falkson G, Haller DG. Phase-Ii Study of Aminothiadiazole in Advanced Squamous-Cell Carcinoma of the Esophagus. American Journal of Clinical Oncology-Cancer Clinical Trials. 1991 Feb;14(1):33-5.
Kessler HB, Rimer BK, Devine PJ, Gatenby RA, Engstrom PF. Corporate-Sponsored Breast-Cancer Screening at the Work Site - Results of a Statewide Program. Radiology. 1991 Apr;179(1):107-10.
Lerman C, Daly M, Sands C, Ross E, Buetow K, Engstrom P. Risk Perceptions and Practices among Women with a Genetic Predisposition to Breast-Cancer. American journal of human genetics. 1991 Oct;49(4):314.
Lerman C, Rimer BK, Engstrom PF. Cancer Risk Notification - Psychosocial and Ethical Implications. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1991 Jul;9(7):1275-82.
Lerman C, Trock B, Rimer BK, Boyce A, Jepson C, Engstrom PF. Psychological and Behavioral-Implications of Abnormal Mammograms. Annals of internal medicine. 1991 Apr 15;114(8):657-61.
Odwyer PJ, Lacreta F, Engstrom PF, Peter R, Tartaglia L, Cole D, Litwin S, Devito J, Poplack D, Delap RJ, Comis RL. Phase-I Pharmacokinetic Reevaluation of Thiotepa. Cancer Research. 1991 Jun 15;51(12):3171-6.
Engstrom PF, Levin B, Moertel CG, Schutt A. A Phase-Ii Trial of Tamoxifen in Hepatocellular-Carcinoma. Cancer. 1990 Jun 15;65(12):2641-3.
King ES, Rimer BK, Trock B, Balshem A, Engstrom P. How Valid Are Mammography Self-Reports. American journal of public health. 1990 Nov;80(11):1386-8.
Lerman C, Rimer B, Blumberg B, Cristinzio S, Engstrom PF, Macelwee N, Oconnor K, Seay J. Effects of Coping Style and Relaxation on Cancer-Chemotherapy Side-Effects and Emotional Responses. Cancer nursing. 1990 Oct;13(5):308-15.
Lerman C, Rimer B, Trock B, Balshem A, Engstrom PF. Factors Associated with Repeat Adherence to Breast-Cancer Screening. Prev Med. 1990 May;19(3):279-90.
Myers RE, Trock BJ, Lerman C, Wolf T, Ross E, Engstrom PF. Adherence to Colorectal-Cancer Screening in an Hmo Population. Prev Med. 1990 Sep;19(5):502-14.
Weese JL, Nussbaum ML, Paul AR, Engstrom PF, Solin LJ, Kowalyshyn MJ, Hoffman JP. Increased Resectability of Locally Advanced Pancreatic and Periampullary Carcinoma with Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy. International Journal of Pancreatology. 1990 Aug;7(1-3):177-85.
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