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Erica Golemis

Center AffiliationsMolecular Therapeutics

Publications (199) (print view)

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O'Neill GM, Seo S, Serebriiskii HG, Lessin SR, Golemis EA. A new central scaffold for metastasis: Parsing HEF1le/Cas-L/NEDD9. Cancer Research. 2007 Oct;67(19):8975-9.
Pugacheva EN, Jablonski SA, Hartman TR, Henske EP, Golemis EA. HEF1-dependent Aurora A activation induces disassembly of the primary cilium.[see comment]. Cell. 2007 Jun 29;129(7):1351-63.
Serebriiskii IG, Milech N, Golemis EA. A bacterial/yeast merged two-hybrid system: protocol for bacterial screening. Methods Mol Biol. 2007 Jan;408:291-315.
Singh MK, Cowell L, Seo S, O'Neill GM, Golemis EA. Molecular basis for HEFI/NEDD9/Cas-L action as a multifunctional co-ordinator of invasion, apoptosis and cell cycle. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics. 2007 Jan;48(1):54-72.
Singh MK, Nicolas E, Gherraby W, Dadke D, Lessin S, Golemis EA. HEI10 negatively regulates cell invasion by inhibiting cyclin B/Cdk1 and other promotility proteins. Oncogene. 2007 Jul 19;26(33):4825-32.
Skobeleva N, Menon S, Weber L, Golemis EA, Khazak V. In vitro and in vivo synergy of MCP compounds with mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway- and microtubule-targeting inhibitors. Mol Cancer Ther. 2007 Mar;6(3):898-906.
Snell WJ, Golemis EA. A ciliary timer for S-phase entry. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology. 2007 Sep;.
Tikhmyanova NY, Izumchenko EA, Serebriiskii IG, Golemis EA. A bacterial/yeast merged two-hybrid system: protocol for yeast screening with single or parallel baits. Methods Mol Biol. 2007 Jan;408:257-90.
Tikhmyanova NY, Izumchenko EA, Serebriiskii I, Golemis E. A bacterial/yeast merged two-hybrid system. In: Ochs MF, editor. Gene function analysis. Totowa, N.J.: Humana Press; 2007. p. 257-70.
Dadke D, Jarnik M, Pugacheva EN, Singh MK, Golemis EA. Deregulation of HEF1 impairs M-phase progression by disrupting the RhoA activation cycle. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL. 2006 Mar;17(3):1204-17.
Gronholm M, Muranen T, Toby GG, Utermark T, Hanemann CO, Golemis EA, Carpen O. A functional association between merlin and HEI10, a cell cycle regulator. ONCOGENE. 2006 Jul;25(32):4389-98.
Khazak V, Kato-Stankiewicz J, Tamanoi F, Golemis EA. Yeast screens for inhibitors of Ras-Raf interaction and characterization of MCP inhibitors of Ras-Raf interaction. In: REGULATORS AND EFFECTORS OF SMALL GTPASES: RAS FAMILY Book series title: METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY. 2006. p. 612-29.
Khazak V, Golemis EA, Menon SR, Weber L. Amine derivative containing compositions and methods for the treatment of viral infections related to the etiology of cancer. 2006 Feb 02;:49pp.
Natarajan M, Stewart JE, Golemis EA, Pugacheva EN, Alexandropoulos K, Cox BD, Wang W, Grammer JR, Gladson CL. HEF1 is a necessary and specific downstream effector of FAK that promotes the migration of glioblastoma cells. ONCOGENE. 2006 Mar;25(12):1721-32.
Pugacheva EN, Golemis EA. HEF1-Aurora A interactions - Points of dialog between the cell cycle and cell attachment signaling networks. Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex). 2006 Feb;5(4):384-91.
Pugacheva EN, Roegiers F, Golemis EA. Interdependence of cell attachment and cell cycle signaling. Current opinion in cell biology. 2006 Oct;18(5):507-15.
Sagil O, Wolfson M, Cohen A, Izumchenko E, Golemis EA, Fraifeld VE. Shc proteins and brain functions: possible implications for neuroprotection. IJNN. 2006 Jan;3(1):12-20.
Serebriiskii I, Golemis EA, Joung KJ. Yeast/bacterial two-hybrid system, kit and methods of use thereof. 2006 Aug 31;:37 pp.
Golemis E, Adams PD. Protein-protein interactions : a molecular cloning manual. Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; 2005.
Jin T, Howard AJ, Golemis EA, Wang Y, Zhang YZ. Overproduction, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of the human spliceosomal protein TXNL4B. Acta Crystallographica Section F-Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications. 2005 Mar 03;61:282-4.
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