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Elin Sigurdson

Center AffiliationsMolecular Therapeutics

Publications (127) (print view)

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Sigurdson ER. Surgical palliation of colorectal cancer. Current Problems in Cancer. 1995 Nov;19(6):348-59.
Yeh KA, Fortunato L, Ridge JA, Hoffman JP, Eisenberg BL, Sigurdson ER. Routine Bone Scanning in Patients with T1 and T2 Breast-Cancer - a Waste of Money. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 1995 Jul;2(4):319-24.
Yeh KA, Hoffman JP, Kusiak JE, Litwin S, Sigurdson ER, Eisenberg BL. Reconstruction with Myocutaneous Flaps Following Resection of Locally Recurrent Rectal-Cancer. American Surgeon. 1995 Jul;61(7):581-9.
Arisawa Y, Sutantoward E, Dalton RR, Sigurdson ER. Short-Term Intrahepatic Fudr Infusion Combined with Bolus Mitomycin-C - Reduced Risk for Developing Drug-Resistance. Journal of surgical oncology. 1994 Jun;56(2):75-80.
Hoffman JP, Lanciano R, Carp NZ, Merrick MA, Rosenblum NG, Hogan WM, Sigurdson ER, Litwin S, Eisenberg BL. Morbidity after Intraperitoneal Insertion of Saline-Filled Tissue Expanders for Small-Bowel Exclusion from Radiotherapy Treatment Fields - a Prospective 4-Year Experience with 34 Patients. American Surgeon. 1994 Jul;60(7):473-83.
Oboyle KP, Mattes MJ, Sigurdson ER, Sutantoward E, Divgi CR, Welt S, Wright KE. Localization of Complement-Fixing Cytotoxic Monoclonal- Antibodies to Subcutaneous Tumors and Liver Metastases in a Syngeneic Immunocompetent Rat Colon-Carcinoma Model. Journal of Immunotherapy. 1994 Apr;15(3):175-84.
Gwin JL, Sigurdson ER. Surgical considerations in nonhepatic intra-abdominal recurrence of carcinoma of the colon. Seminars in Oncology. 1993 Jan;20(5):520-7.
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