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Yan H, Chen CY, Kobayashi R, Newport J. Replication focus-forming activity 1 and the Werner syndrome gene product. Nature genetics. 1998 Aug;19(4):375-8.
Sells MA, Chernoff J. Emerging from the PAK: The p21-activated protein kinase family. Trends in Cell Biology. 1997 Apr;7(4):162-7.
Sells MA, Knaus UG, Bagrodia S, Ambrose DM, Bokoch GM, Chernoff J. Human p21-activated kinase (Pak1) regulates actin organization in mammalian cells. Current Biology. 1997 Mar;7(3):202-10.
Sudakin V, Shteinberg M, Ganoth D, Hershko J, Hershko A. Binding of activated cyclosome to p13(suc1) - Use for affinity purification. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1997 Jul 18;272(29):18051-9.
Tang Y, Chen ZX, Ambrose D, Liu JH, Gibbs JB, Chernoff J, Field J. Kinase-deficient Pak1 mutants inhibit Ras transformation of Rat-1 fibroblasts. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 1997 Aug;17(8):4454-64.
Young MR, Suzuki K, Yan H, Gibson S, Tye BK. Nuclear accumulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mcm3 is dependent on its nuclear localization sequence. Genes to Cells. 1997 Oct;2(10):631-43.
Creasy CL, Ambrose DM, Chernoff J. The Ste20-like protein kinase, Mst1, dimerizes and contains an inhibitory domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1996 Aug 30;271(35):21049-53.
Law SF, Estojak J, Wang BL, Mysliwiec T, Kruh G, Golemis EA. Human enhancer of filamentation 1, a novel p130(cas)-like docking protein, associates with focal adhesion kinase and induces pseudohyphal growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 1996 Jul;16(7):3327-37.
Bagrodia S, Taylor SJ, Creasy CL, Chernoff J, Cerione RA. Identification of a Mouse P21(Cdc42/Rac) Activated Kinase. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 Sep 29;270(39):22731-7.
Creasy CL, Chernoff J. Cloning and Characterization of a Human Protein-Kinase with Homology to Ste20. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 Sep 15;270(37):21695-700.
Krisak L, Strich R, Winters RS, Hall P, Mallory MJ, Kreitzer D, Tuan RS, Winter E. Smk1, a Developmentally-Regulated Map Kinase, Is Required for Spore Wall Assembly in Saccharomyces-Cerevisiae. Genes & development. 1994 Sep 15;8(18):2151-61.
Strich R, Surosky RT, Steber C, Dubois E, Messenguy F, Esposito RE. Ume6 Is a Key Regulator of Nitrogen Repression and Meiotic Development. Genes & development. 1994 Apr;8(7):796-810.
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