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Publication Listing for the MeSH term wild-type p53. Found 10 abstracts

Johnson RA, Shepard EM, Scotto KW. Differential regulation of MDR1 transcription by the p53 family members - Role of the DNA binding domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2005 Apr 08;280(14):13213-9.
Murphy ME, Leu JI, George DL. p53 moves to mitochondria - A turn on the path to apoptosis. Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex). 2004 Jul;3(7):836-9.
Sauter ER, Takemoto R, Litwin S, Herlyn M. p53 alone or in combination with antisense cyclin D1 induces apoptosis and reduces tumor size in human melanoma. Cancer Gene Therapy. 2002 Oct;9(10):807-12.
Zhao RB, Gish K, Murphy M, Yin YX, Notterman D, Hoffman WH, Tom E, Mack DH, Levine AJ. Analysis of p53-regulated gene expression patterns using oligonucleotide arrays. Genes & development. 2000 Apr 15;14(8):981-93.
Zhao R, Gish K, Murphy M, Yin Y, Notterman D, Hoffman WH, Tom E, Mack DH, Levine AJ. The transcriptional program following p53 activation. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology. 2000 Jan;65:475-82.
Adams PD, Kaelin WG. Negative control elements of the cell cycle in human tumors. Current opinion in cell biology. 1998 Dec;10(6):791-7.
Liu YA, Bohn SA, Sherley JL. Inosine-5 '-monophosphate dehydrogenase is a rate-determining factor for p53-dependent growth regulation. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 1998 Jan;9(1):15-28.
Srivastava P, Russo J, Russo IH. Chorionic gonadotropin inhibits rat mammary carcinogenesis through activation of programmed cell death. Carcinogenesis. 1997 Sep;18(9):1799-808.
Barnabas N, Moraes R, Calaf G, Estrada S, Russo J. Role of P53 in Mcf-10f Cell Immortalization and Chemically- Induced Neoplastic Transformation. International Journal of Oncology. 1995 Dec;7(6):1289-96.
Knudson AG. Foundations in cancer research - Mutation and cancer: A personal odyssey. In: Advances in Cancer Research, Vol 67. 1995. p. 1-23.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term wild-type p53

wild-type p53 gene phosphorylation p53 protein growth expression transcriptional activation dna-damage gene-expression antigen malignant melanomas telangiectasia oligonucleotide microarrays terminal domain imp dehydrogenase cysteine proteases inhibitor skeletal- cell cell-growth nuclear transformation spontaneous tumors tumor-suppressor p53 human-breast-cancer cycle epithelial-cells conformation polymorphism cancer prevention EB-1 cells electrophoresis mutant p53 control dependent dna polymerase in-vivo cells burkitt-lymphoma mycophenolic-acid p-glycoprotein expression death signal transduction mutations ataxia- polymorphic variants analysis transcription factor e2f breast-cancer leukemia-cell-line muscle cells feedback loop ras mutations kinase-activity c-myc oncogene ink4a locus bladder-carcinoma oncogene esophageal cancer apoptosis binding protein multidrug-resistance cancer antisense converting enzyme hl-60 cells gene-mutations cyclin D1 mammary epithelial-cells mediated apoptosis rous sarcoma virus tumor suppressor interleukin-1-beta- retinoblastoma susceptibility gene c-myc BAK p53-MCL1-apoptosis-mitochondria-polymorphism-tumor suppressor chromosomal-abnormalities cell-cycle arrest treatment p53-regulated genes ovarian-cancer tumor-suppressor p73 family inosine p63 molecular controls inhibition bak human normal lymphocytes suppression sequence large t- virus 40 tumorigenicity gene-transfer ring-finger domain gel- differentiation dna-damage checkpoint p63 isoforms cell immortalization density oligonucleotide arrays 5'-phosphate dehydrogenase retinoblastoma protein malignant melanoma
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