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Publication Listing for the MeSH term tumor-suppressor gene. Found 22 abstracts

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Betancourt A, Mobley JA, Wang J, Jenkins S, Chen DQ, Kojima K, Russo J, Lamartiniere CA. Alterations in the Rat Serum Proteome Induced by Prepubertal Exposure to Bisphenol A and Genistein. Journal of Proteome Research. 2014 Mar;13(3):1502-14.   PMCID: PMC 3993963
Layfield LJ, Ehya H, Filie AC, Hruban RH, Jhala N, Joseph L, Vielh P, Pitman MB. Utilization of ancillary studies in the cytologic diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic lesions: The papanicolaou society of cytopathology guidelines for pancreatobiliary cytology. Diagnostic Cytopathology. 2014 Apr;42(4):351-62.   PMCID: No NIH funds
Hoffman AM, Cairns P. Epigenetics of kidney cancer and bladder cancer. Epigenomics. 2011 Feb;3(1):19-34.   PMCID: NIHMS362391
Lara JF, Thor AD, Dressler LG, Broadwater G, Bleiweiss IJ, Edgerton S, Cowan D, Goldstein LJ, Martino S, Ingle JN, Henderson IC, Norton L, Winer EP, Hudis CA, Ellis MJ, Berry DA, Hayes DF, Canc Leukemia Grp B. p53 Expression in Node-Positive Breast Cancer Patients: Results from the Cancer and Leukemia Group B 9344 Trial (159905). Clinical Cancer Research. 2011 Aug;17(15):5170-8.   PMCID: PMC319770
Makhov PB, Golovine KV, Kutikov A, Canter DJ, Rybko VA, Roshchin DA, Matveev VB, Uzzo RG, Kolenko VM. Reversal of epigenetic silencing of AP-2alpha results in increased zinc uptake in DU-145 and LNCaP prostate cancer cells. Carcinogenesis. 2011 Dec;32(12):1773-81.   PMCID: PMC3220607
Maradeo ME, Cairns P. Translational application of epigenetic alterations: Ovarian cancer as a model. Febs Letters. 2011 Jul;585(13):2112-20.   PMCID: PMC3129436
Dong XY, Guo P, Boyd J, Sun XD, Li QN, Zhou W, Dong JT. Implication of snoRNA U50 in human breast cancer. Journal of Genetics and Genomics. 2009 Aug;36(8):447-54.   PMCID: PMCID: PMC2854654
Caslini C, D Capo-Chichi C, Roland IH, Nicolas E, T Yeung A, Xu XX. Histone modifications silence the GATA transcription factor genes in ovarian cancer. ONCOGENE. 2006 Aug;25(39):5446-61.
Motzer RJ, Michaelson MD, Redman BG, Hudes GR, Wilding G, Figlin RA, Ginsberg MS, Kim ST, Baum CM, DePrimo SE, Li JZ, Bello CL, Theuer CP, George DJ, Rini BI. Activity of SU11248, a multitargeted inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor and platelet-derived growth factor receptor, in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2006 Jan;24(1):16-24.
Pietsch EC, Humbey O, Murphy ME. Polymorphisms in the p53 pathway. ONCOGENE. 2006 Mar;25(11):1602-11.
Astrinidis A, Henske EP. Tuberous sclerosis complex: linking growth and energy signaling pathways with human disease. Oncogene. 2005 Nov 14;24(50):7475-81.
Astrinidis A, Henske EP. Aberrant cellular differentiation and migration in renal and pulmonary tuberous sclerosis complex. Journal of Child Neurology. 2004 Sep;19(9):710-5.
Dulaimi E, de Caceres, Uzzo RG, Al-Saleem T, Greenberg RE, Polascik TJ, Babb JS, Grizzle WE, Cairns P. Promoter hypermethylation profile of kidney cancer. Clinical Cancer Research. 2004 Jan;10(12):3972-9.
Henske EP. The genetic basis of kidney cancer: Why is tuberous sclerosis complex often overlooked?. Current Molecular Medicine. 2004 Dec;4(8):825-31.
Balsara BR, Bell DW, Sonoda G, De Rienzo A, du Manoir S, Jhanwar SC, Testa JR. Comparative genomic hybridization and loss of heterozygosity analyses identify a common region of deletion at 15q11.1-15 in human malignant mesothelioma. Cancer Research. 1999 Jan 15;59(2):450-4.
Lee WC, Testa JR. Somatic genetic alterations in human malignant mesothelioma (Review). International Journal of Oncology. 1999 Jan;14(1):181-8.
Thrash-Bingham CA, Tartof KD. aHIF: A natural antisense transcript overexpressed in human renal cancer and during hypoxia. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1999 Jan 20;91(2):143-51.
Zekri AR, Bahnassi AA, Bove B, Huang YJ, Russo IH, Rogatko A, Shaarawy S, Shawki OA, Hamza MR, Omer S, Khaled HM, Russo J. Allelic instability as a predictor of survival in Egyptian breast cancer patients. International Journal of Oncology. 1999 Oct;15(4):757-67.
Ruggeri BA, Huang LY, Berger D, Chang H, KleinSzanto AJ, Goodrow T, Wood M, Obara T, Heath CW, Lynch H. Molecular pathology of primary and metastatic ductal pancreatic lesions - Analyses of mutations and expression of the p53, mdm- 2, and p21/WAF-1 genes in sporadic and familial lesions. Cancer. 1997 Feb 15;79(4):700-16.
Goodrow TL. One decade of comparative molecular carcinogenesis. In: Genetics and Cancer Susceptibility. 1996. p. 57-80.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term tumor-suppressor gene

tumor-suppressor gene carcinomas expression dna methylation growth heterozygosity renal-cell carcinoma colorectal-cancer 3-kinase somatic mutations analysis methylation cpg-island methylation region cancer therapy polymerase chain-reaction mutational analysis proliferation lymphangiomyomatosis 6q prostate-cancer tumor suppressor gene mammalian target carcinoma akt pathway breast cancer mutations biliary tract rad51 b-raf kinase germline mutations fine-needle aspiration snoRNA translational application cell-lines microsatellite instability RCC activation human breast-cancer bilateral acoustic neurofibromatosis inducible factor-1 in-vivo ras oncogene rna tsc2 adjuvant chemotherapy regions squamous-cell carcinoma mdm2-deficient mice overrepresentation nf2 growth suppressor progression lymphangioleiomyomatosis lam tsc2 gene multiple regions Rheb candidate Cell Biology human NF2 c-ki- fibroblast growth-factors single strand conformation polymorphism squamous-cell carcinomas cell carcinomas chromosome 13q12-q13 cyst fluid analysis factor receptor renal cell sites papillary endobiliary brush cytology Biochemistry & Molecular Biology tuberous sclerosis complex gene molecular markers homozygous deletions mismatch repair deficiency cervical-cancer mdm9 Disabled-2 (DAB2) e-cadherin WAF-1 chromosome abnormalities lung-cancer aberrant promoter genistein pancreatic adenocarcinoma messenger-rna Methylation ap-2-alpha lactate- Oncology ancillary studies down-regulation EUS interleukin-2 gastric-cancer breast-cancer cells hippel-lindau-disease pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis o-6-methylguanine-dna methyltransferase poor-prognosis brca1 promoter acetylation pleural mesothelioma Ovarian cancer dependent kinase inhibitor cancer susceptibility gene carcinogenesis digital image-analysis epithelioid angiomyolipoma serum human hepatocellular carcinomas statistical-model prognostic factors progression-free survival stem-like cells codon 72 polymorphism AKT mucinous neoplasms sporadic breast database search U50 epigenetic inactivation cell-growth promoter hypermethylation vhl MDM2 waf1-polymorphism-apoptosis conformation polymorphism Genetics & Heredity detects frequent loss of heterozygosity prognostic-significance familial breast-cancer bladder cancer BPA dehydrogenase-a cigarette-smoking frequent loss resistance GATA transcription factors germ-line polymorphisms transcription factor ap-2 ras predictive-value dna-sequences immunohistochemistry
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