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Publication Listing for the MeSH term tu [Therapeutic use]. Found 8 abstracts

Movsas B, Hudes RS, Schol J, Millenson M, Rosvold E, Nicolaou N, Litwin S, Wang H, Keenan E, Curran WJ, Langer CJ. Induction and concurrent paclitaxel/carboplatin every 3 weeks with thoracic radiotherapy in locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: an interim report. Clinical lung cancer. 2001 Jan;3(2):125-32.
Kedziera P. The two faces of pain... Office Nurse often adapts articles and news summaries that have appeared in RN and other sister journals. Office Nurse. 1999 Apr;12(4):13.
Ozols RF. Oncology: current trends in the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer. Journal of Care Management. 1999 Aug;5(4):Disease Manage Digest: 6-7.
Sweed MR. Shedding light on sarcoidosis. Office Nurse. 1999 Sep;12(7):22-4.
Kedziera P. The two faces of pain... persistent and breakthrough pain. RN. 1998 Feb;61(2):45-7.
Kedziera PL. Apothecary jar: oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate. ASPMN Pathways. 1998 Jan;7(2):11.
Fowble B. The integration of conservative surgery and radiation for stage I-II breast cancer with adjuvant systemic therapy. Breast Journal. 1997 Sep;3(5):284-91.
Martin V. Ovarian cancer: an update on new directions in screening and treatment. Journal of Gynecologic Oncology Nursing. 1996 Jan;6(3):9-11.
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