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Louzoun Y, Friedman R, Prak EL, Litwin S, Weigert M. Analysis of B cell receptor production and rearrangement Part 1. Light chain rearrangement. Seminars in immunology. 2002 Jun;14(3):169-90.
Mah D, Hanley J, Rosenzweig KE, Yorke E, Braban L, Ling CC, Leibel SA, Mageras G. Technical aspects of the deep inspiration breath-hold technique in the treatment of thoracic cancer. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 2000 Nov;48(4):1175-85.
Ferry KV, Fink D, Johnson SW, Nebel S, Hamilton TC, Howell SB. Decreased cisplatin damage-dependent DNA synthesis in cellular extracts of mismatch repair deficient cells. Biochemical pharmacology. 1999 Apr 15;57(8):861-7.
Piper H, Litwin S, Mehr R. Models for antigen receptor gene rearrangement. II. Multiple rearrangement in the TCR: Allelic exclusion or inclusion?. Journal of Immunology. 1999 Aug 15;163(4):1799-808.
Cancro MP, Allman DM, Hayes CE, Lentz VM, Fields RG, Sah AP, Tomayko M. B cell maturation and selection at the marrow-periphery interface. Immunologic Research. 1998 Jan;17(1-2):3-11.
Maier CC, Bhandoola A, Borden W, Yui K, Hayakawa K, Greene MI. Unique molecular surface features of in vivo tolerized T cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1998 Apr 14;95(8):4499-503.
Hayakawa K, Tarlinton D, Hardy RR. Absence of Mhc Class-Ii Expression Distinguishes Fetal from Adult B-Lymphopoiesis in Mice. Journal of Immunology. 1994 May 15;152(10):4801-7.
Schultheiss TE, Stephens LC, Ang KK, Price RE, Peters LJ. Volume Effects in Rhesus-Monkey Spinal-Cord. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1994 Apr 30;29(1):67-72.
Kariv I, Hardy RR, Hayakawa K. Selective Enrichment of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class Ii-Specific Autoreactive T-Cells in the Thymic Thy0 Subset. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 1993 May;177(5):1429-37.
Pelton JJ, Lanciano RM, Hoffman JP, Hanks GM, Eisenberg BL. The Influence of Surgical Margins on Advanced Cancer Treated with Intraoperative Radiation-Therapy (Iort) and Surgical Resection. Journal of surgical oncology. 1993 May;53(1):30-5.
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