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Miller J, Doss M, McQuillen R, Shaller CC, Tolner B, Yu JQ, Chester K, Robinson MK. Impact of expression system on the function of the C6.5 diabody PET radiotracer. Tumor Biology. 2012 Jun;33(3):617-27.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Williams RM, Flesken-Nikitin A, Ellenson LH, Connolly DC, Hamilton TC, Nikitin AY, Zipfel WR. Strategies for High-Resolution Imaging of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer by Laparoscopic Nonlinear Microscopy. Translational Oncology. 2010 Jun;3(3):181-94.   PMCID: PMCID: PMC2887648
Kashyap MK, Marimuthu A, Kishore CJ, Peri S, Keerthikumar S, Prasad TS, Mahmood R, Rao S, Ranganathan P, Sanjeeviah RC, Vijayakumar M, Kumar KV, Montgomery E, Kumar RV, Pandey A. Genomewide mRNA profiling of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma for identification of cancer biomarkers. Cancer Biology & Therapy. 2009 Jan;8(1):36-46.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Berg WA, Weinberg IN, Narayanan D, Lobrano ME, Ross E, Amodei L, Tafra L, Adler LP, Uddo J, Stein W, Levine EA. High-resolution fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography with compression ("positron emission mammography") is highly accurate in depicting primary breast cancer. BREAST JOURNAL. 2006 Jul;12(4):309-23.
Nagar S, Walther S, Blanchard RL. Sulfotransferase (SULT) 1A1 polymorphic variants*1,*2, and*3 are associated with altered enzymatic activity, cellular phenotype, and protein degradation. MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY. 2006 Jun;69(6):2084-92.
Wu H, Barusevicius A, Babb J, Klein-Szanto A, Godwin A, Elenitsas R, Gelfand JM, Lessin S, Seykora JT. Pleiotrophin expression correlates with melanocytic tumor progression and metastatic potential. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. 2005 Feb;32(2):125-30.
Chen SH, Gallo JM. Use of capillary electrophoresis methods to characterize the pharmacokinetics of antisense drugs. Electrophoresis. 1998 Nov;19(16-17):2861-9.
Iyer RV, Engelhardt EL, Stobbe CC, Schneider RF, Chapman JD. Preclinical assessment of hypoxic marker specificity and sensitivity. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1998 Nov;42(4):741-5.
Miknyoczki SJ, KleinSzanto AJ, Ruggeri BA. Neurotrophin-Trk receptor interactions in neoplasia: A possible role in interstitial and perineural invasion in ductal pancreatic cancer. Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis. 1996 Jan;7(1-2):89-100.
Obrien ML, Tew KD. Glutathione and related enzymes in multidrug resistance. European Journal of Cancer. 1996 Jun;32A(6):967-78.
Calaf G, Alvarado MV, Bonney GE, Amfoh KK, Russo J. Influence of Lobular Development on Breast Epithelial-Cell Proliferation and Steroid-Hormone Receptor Content. International Journal of Oncology. 1995 Dec;7(6):1285-8.
Shen HX, Ranganathan S, Kuzmich S, Tew KD. Influence of Ethacrynic-Acid on Glutathione-S-Transferase-Pi Transcript and Protein Half-Lives in Human Colon-Cancer Cells. Biochemical pharmacology. 1995 Oct 12;50(8):1233-8.
Gonen O, Murphyboesch J, Srinivasan R, Hu JN, Jiang H, Stoyanova R, Brown TR. Simultaneous and Interleaved Multinuclear Chemical-Shift Imaging, a Method for Concurrent, Localized Spectroscopy. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Series B. 1994 May;104(1):26-33.
Schultheiss TE, Stephens LC, Ang KK, Price RE, Peters LJ. Volume Effects in Rhesus-Monkey Spinal-Cord. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1994 Apr 30;29(1):67-72.
Siegfried JM, Hunt JD, Zhou JY, Keller SM, Testa JR. Cytogenetic Abnormalities in Nonsmall Cell Lung-Carcinoma - Similarity of Findings in Conventional and Feeder Cell Layer Cultures. Genes Chromosomes & Cancer. 1993 Jan;6(1):30-8.
Pelton JJ, Kowalyshyn MJ, Keller SM. Intrathoracic Organ Injury Associated with Photodynamic Therapy. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 1992 Jun;103(6):1218-23.
Ye ZH, Song YR, Marcus A, Varner JE. Comparative Localization of 3 Classes of Cell-Wall Proteins. Plant Journal. 1991 Sep;1(2):175-83.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term tissue

tissue expression distribution drug- monoclonal-antibody protein resistance vascular system hypoxic-specific factor surgical-management cancers dna stimulated echoes volume effects dietary flavonoids form adult-rat hematoporphyrin misonidazole binding cancer cell-line tyrosine protein- malignant-melanoma dysplasia resonance compounds phosphorothioate oligonucleotide advanced cancer s-transferase-pi mice cell-lines multiphoton microscopy GENE-EXPRESSION PROFILE intracranial tumors glycoprotein gene genotype mri cells in-vivo microarrays rna abscisic-acid gel-electrophoresis gene-expression neurotrophin receptors k-252 ethacrynic-acid f-18 fdg pet positron emission tomography chlorambucil line enzyme fusion radiation myelopathy zone electrophoresis early prediction responsive element half-life tumors autofluorescence diagnosis localization IN-VITRO risk clinical-experience receptors menstrual-cycle brain invivo photodynamic therapy mouse-tumors hypoxic marker spinal cord glycosylation COLORECTAL-CANCER expression profiling SERINE-PROTEASE spectroscopy nuclear magnetic-resonance EXPRESSION MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASE-2 statistical-analysis nuclear antigen pcna signal-transduction c-14-labeled technetium chelate cancer accumulation tumor hypoxia murine tumors nerves carcinoma kinase h-1 extensin tumor progression 1995 oe ys-journal of medicinal chemistry-v38-p816 solid tumors petunia antisense DNA biomarkers DNA microarrays adeno carcinoma tolerance single-chain fv GASTRIC-CANCER tumor suppressor genes review lung-cancer midkine human prostate pancreas locus progesterone messenger-rna invasion ethacrynic acid 5-fluorouracil affinity ngf-receptor neural invasion azomycin nucleoside human-colon pichia-pastoris cancer patients hypoxia human neuroblastoma l-phenylalanine mustard adenocarcinoma contralateral breast melphalan cyto-toxicity genetic polymorphisms TUMOR PROGRESSION immunocytochemistry Pharmacology & Pharmacy esophageal squamous cell carcinoma tumor inhibition metastatic breast-cancer breast-cancer cells DIFFERENTIAL nerve growth-factor glutathione transferase involvement phosphorothioate estrogen-receptor proton nmr-spectroscopy fluorodeoxyglucose phosphorothioates lesions growth-factor pleiotrophin oxygenation predicts CDNA MICROARRAY oligodeoxynucleotide microstructured
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