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Ozols RF. Controversies in the management of ovarian cancer. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer. 1997 May;7:27-32.
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Fowble B, Fein DA, Hanlon AL, Eisenberg BL, Hoffman JP, Sigurdson ER, Daly MB, Goldstein LJ. The impact of tamoxifen on breast recurrence, cosmesis, complications, and survival in estrogen receptor-positive early-stage breast cancer. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1996 Jul;35(4):669-77.
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Algan O, Coia LR, Keller SM, Engstrom PF, Weiner LM, Schultheiss TE, Hanks GE. Management of Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus with Chemoradiation Alone or Chemoradiation Followed by Esophagectomy - Results of Sequential Nonrandomized Phase-Ii Studies. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1995 Jun 15;32(3):753-61.
Algan O, Hanks GE, Shaer AH. Localization of the Prostatic Apex for Radiation Treatment Planning. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1995 Nov;33(4):925-30.
Ballard RB, Hoffman JP, Guttman MC, Barber L, Litwin S. How Accurate Is Size Measurement of Pancreas Cancer Masses by Computed Axial-Tomography (Ct) Scanning. American Surgeon. 1995 Aug;61(8):686-91.
Fortunato L, Ridge JA. Surgical Palliation of Cancer .2. Surgical Palliative of Head and Neck-Cancer. Current Problems in Cancer. 1995 May;19(3):153-65.
Fowble B. Long-Term Results of Conservative Surgery and Radiation for Early-Stage Breast-Cancer - What Have We Wrought. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1995 Sep 30;33(2):535-7.
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Hanks GE, Lee WR, Schultheiss TE. Clinical and Biochemical-Evidence of Control of Prostate-Cancer at 5 Years after External-Beam Radiation. Journal of Urology. 1995 Aug;154(2):456-9.
Jardines L, Fowble B, Schultz D, Mackie J, Buzby G, Torosian M, Daly J, Weiss M, Orel S, Rosato E. Factors Associated with a Positive Reexcision after Excisional Biopsy for Invasive Breast-Cancer. Surgery. 1995 Nov;118(5):803-9.
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therapy carcinoma cancer radiotherapy antigen survival chemotherapy iodoazomycin arabinoside oxygen Clinical Trials diagnosis patterns of care radiation radiation- local recurrence management squamous-cell carcinoma conservative surgery experience morbidity treatment planning Human irradiation radiation-therapy volume randomized trial adenocarcinoma lumpectomy intensity prognosis Female prostatic neoplasms human-tumors esophageal cancer therapy-oncology-group cyproterone-acetate Ovarian Neoplasms adenocarcinoma of the prostate conservative surgery and radiation and esophagectomy clinical use azomycin nucleosides combined chemotherapy gastrostomy bioreductive drug carboplatin hypoxia Radioimmunotherapy re-excision failure patterns pancreaticoduodenectomy whole abdomen irradiation stage-i prognostic factor apex young men prostate cancer nitroimidazole beta-D-iodoazomycin xylopyranoside tension measurements conserving cisplatin-cyclophosphamide support internal mammary lymphoscintigraphy localization of the prostatic transhiatal esophagectomy preoperative irradiation medroxyprogesterone acetate 3-field technique imaging tumor oxygenation conserving surgery women single photon emission isocentric technique mv x-rays radiation treatment Follow-Up Studies definitive irradiation bioreducible drug hypoxic markers series adjuvant tamoxifen physiopathology paclitaxel-cisplatin radical prostatectomy Practice Guidelines pathological stage simulation anus recurrence computed-tomography paclitaxel computerised tomography gynecologic-oncology-group chemoradiation primary breast cancer breast nonsteroidal antiandrogen cytoreductive surgery prostate laser study po2 tumor Immunotherapy fluoromisonidazole 3d conformal treatment planning new standard Gastrointestinal Neoplasms stage pain relief external-beam irradiation combined modality therapy preoperative chemotherapy misonidazole intraperitoneal chemotherapy mastectomy Recurrence trial Gene Therapy clinical Factual Databases beta-D-iodoazomycin galactoside digital rectal examination radioresistance men less dose oral cavity percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy laparoscopic cells prostate-specific antigen definitive radiotherapy nutritional-status tamoxifen rtog phase-iii adenocarcinoma of the esophagus
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