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Publication Listing for the MeSH term stem-cell transplantation. Found 11 abstracts

Baden LR, Bensinger W, Angarone M, Casper C, Dubberke ER, Freifeld AG, Garzon R, Greene JN, Greer JP, Ito JI, Karp JE, Kaul DR, King E, Mackler E, Marr KA, Montoya JG, Morris-Engemann A, Pappas PG, Rolston K, Segal B, Seo SK, Swaminathan S, Naganuma M, Shead DA. Prevention and Treatment of Cancer-Related Infections. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2012 Nov;10(11):1412-45.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Hoppe RT, Advani RH, Ai WY, Ambinder RF, Aoun P, Bello CM, Bierman PJ, Blum KA, Chen R, Dabaja B, Duron Y, Forero A, Gordon LI, Hernandez-Ilizaliturri FJ, Hochberg EP, Maloney DG, Mansur D, Mauch PM, Metzger M, Moore JO, Morgan D, Moskowitz CH, Poppe M, Pro B, Winter JN, Yahalom J, Sundar H. Hodgkin Lymphoma, Version 2.2012 Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2012 May;10(5):589-97.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Pro B, Perini GF. Brentuximab vedotin in Hodgkin's lymphoma. Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy. 2012 Oct;12(10):1415-21.   PMCID: Not NIH Funded
Anderson KC, Alsina M, Bensinger W, Biermann JS, Chanan-Khan A, Cohen AD, Devine S, Djulbegovic B, Faber EA, Gasparetto C, Huff CA, Kassim A, Medeiros BC, Meredith R, Raje N, Schriber J, Singhal S, Somlo G, Stockerl-Goldstein K, Treon SP, Tricot G, Weber DM, Yahalom J, Yunus F. Multiple Myeloma. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2011 Oct;9(10):1146-83.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Dawood S, Merajver SD, Viens P, Vermeulen PB, Swain SM, Buchholz TA, Dirix LY, Levine PH, Lucci A, Krishnamurthy S, Robertson FM, Woodward WA, Yang WT, Ueno NT, Cristofanilli M. International expert panel on inflammatory breast cancer: consensus statement for standardized diagnosis and treatment. Annals of Oncology. 2011 Mar;22(3):515-23.   PMCID: PMC3105293
Hoppe RT, Advani RH, Ai WY, Ambinder RF, Bello CM, Bierman PJ, Blum KA, Dabaja B, Duron Y, Forero A, Gordon LI, Hernandez-Ilizaliturri FJ, Hochberg EP, Maloney DG, Mansur D, Mauch PM, Metzger M, Moore JO, Morgan D, Moskowitz CH, Poppe M, Pro B, Weiss L, Winter JN, Yahalom J, Nccn Clinical Practice Guidelines, Rbone Pp VP, Nellos Gp VP, Nellos Gp VP. NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2011 Sep;9(9):1020-58.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Gupta V, Tallman MS, He WS, Logan BR, Copelan E, Gale RP, Khoury HJ, Klumpp T, Koreth J, Lazarus HM, Marks DI, Martino R, Rizzieri DA, Rowe JM, Sabloff M, Waller EK, DiPersio JF, Bunjes DW, Weisdorf DJ. Comparable survival after HLA-well-matched unrelated or matched sibling donor transplantation for acute myeloid leukemia in first remission with unfavorable cytogenetics at diagnosis. Blood. 2010 Sep;116(11):1839-48.   PMCID: PMC3173984
O'Brien S, Berman E, Borghaei H, DeAngelo DJ, Devetten MP, Devine S, Erba HP, Gotlib J, Jagasia M, Moore JO, Mughal T, Radich JP, Shah NP, Smith BD, Snyder DS, Talpaz M, Wetzler M. Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2009 Oct;7(9):984-1023.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Seebach JD, Stussi G, Passweg JR, Loberiza FR, Gajewski JL, Keating A, Goerner M, Rowlings PA, Tiberghien P, Elfenbein GJ, Gale RP, van Rood JJ, Reddy V, Gluckman E, Bolwell BJ, Klumpp TR, Horowitz MM, Ringden O, Barrett AJ. ABO blood group barrier in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation revisited. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. 2005 Dec;11(12):1006-13.
Ibrahim D, Smith MR, Varterasian M, Karanes C, Millenson M, Yeslow G, Pemberton P, Lai P, Abrams J, Al-Katib A. Phase II study of PEND chemotherapy in patients with refractory/relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma. Leukemia & lymphoma. 2004 Oct;45(10):2079-84.
Mock V, Atkinson A, Barsevick A, Cella D, Cimprich B, Cleeland C, Donnelly J, Eisenberger MA, Escalante C, Hinds P, Jacobsen PB, Kaldor P, Knight SJ, Peterman A, Piper BF, Rugo H, Sabbatini P, Stahl C. NCCN Practice Guidelines for cancer-related fatigue. Oncology-New York. 2000 Nov;14(11A):151-61.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term stem-cell transplantation

stem-cell transplantation bone-marrow-transplantation positron-emission-tomography chemotherapy high-dose therapy versus-host-disease dexamethasone treatment management phase-ii therapy donor lymphocyte infusions NCCN Guidelines colony-stimulating factor disease chronic myelogenous trial imatinib transplantation quality-of-life mortality progressive multifocal combined-modality C-reactive protein study-group ghsg 1977 tbals dw-annals of internal medicine-v87-p552 autologous blood randomized controlled-trial complete cytogenetic inflammatory breast cancer 2 cycles metaanalysis combination chemotherapy disease patients growth-factor combined modality therapy Waldenstrom's monoclonal protein guidelines negative predictive-value donor bone marrow transplantation gemcitabine bone-marrow transplantation relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma 1984 rson sl-annals of internal medicine-v100-p345 involved-field radiotherapy adults healthy-individuals doxorubicin phase-2 incompatibility chronic myeloid-leukemia survival combination placebo-controlled trial breast-cancer novel therapies fine-needle-aspiration term follow-up cytogenetics 2007 doloff da-v5-ps1 first relapse risk stage-iii supportive therapies fdg-pet rates invasive pulmonary aspergillosis ABO blood groups nilotinib Hodgkin disease karyotyping multicenter imatinib mesylate sgn-30 randomized-trial 1994 lcott ja-journal of clinical oncology-v12-p107 treatment outcomes community oncology thalidomide plus neoadjuvant chemotherapy identical siblings 1994 entice hg-lancet-v343-p749 leukemia bisphosphonates high response 1988 lcott ja-archives of internal medicine-v148-p2561 carcinoma proteasome inhibitor primary amyloidosis leukoencephalopathy acute myelogenous leukemia GVHD 1980 vita vt-v92-p587 radiotherapy follow-up intervention brentuximab vedotin antibody-drug conjugate-CD30-Hodgkin's lymphoma-MMAE-SGN-35 hematologic response rhoc-gtpase Clinical Practice Guidelines high-dose chemoradiotherapy 2004 nseca r-cancer res-v64-p1546 immunomodulatory drugs hematologic malignancies patients receiving imatinib chronic lymphocytic-leukemia cytogenetic pegylated liposomal doxorubicin risk-factors 2011 carthy p-haematologica-v96-ps23 lymphocyte predominance hepatitis-b-virus class-i newly-diagnosed myeloma 2009 carthy pl-blood-v114 free survival high-dose allogenic HSCT NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines stem cell transplant polymerase-chain-reaction morbidity 2007 doloff da-v5-ps23 response aplasia radiation-therapy adjuvant prognostic factors 1992 lcott ja-journal of clinical oncology-v10-p316 salvage therapy aerobic exercise PEND in-situ hybridization dasatinib engraftment tyrosine kinase inhibitor lymphoma pneumocystis-carinii-pneumonia herpes-simplex-virus multiple myeloma classical Hodgkin disease involved-field
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