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Katsura Y, Stanley CE, Kumar S, Nei M. The Reliability and Stability of an Inferred Phylogenetic Tree from Empirical Data. Molecular biology and evolution. 2017 Mar;34(3):718-23.
Boushra M, Tous S, Fetih G, Xue HY, Tran NT, Wong HL. Methocel-Lipid Hybrid Nanocarrier for Efficient Oral Insulin Delivery. Journal of pharmaceutical sciences. 2016 May;105(5):1733-40.
Teilum K, Maki K, Kragelund BB, Poulsen FM, Roder H. Early kinetic intermediate in the folding of acyl-CoA binding protein detected by fluorescence labeling and ultrarapid mixing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2002 Jul 23;99(15):9807-12.
Chen SH, Gallo JM. Use of capillary electrophoresis methods to characterize the pharmacokinetics of antisense drugs. Electrophoresis. 1998 Nov;19(16-17):2861-9.
Colon W, Wakem LP, Sherman F, Roder H. Identification of the predominant non-native histidine ligand in unfolded cytochrome c. Biochemistry. 1997 Oct 14;36(41):12535-41.
Colon W, Elove GA, Wakem LP, Sherman F, Roder H. Side chain packing of the N- and C-terminal helices plays a critical role in the kinetics of cytochrome c folding. Biochemistry. 1996 Apr 30;35(17):5538-49.
Colon W, Roder H. Kinetic intermediates in the formation of the cytochrome c molten globule. Nature Structural Biology. 1996 Dec;3(12):1019-25.
Khorasanizadeh S, Peters ID, Roder H. Evidence for a three-state model of protein folding from kinetic analysis of ubiquitin variants with altered core residues. Nature Structural Biology. 1996 Feb;3(2):193-205.
Sauder JM, MacKenzie NE, Roder H. Kinetic mechanism of folding and unfolding of Rhodobacter capsulatus cytochrome c(2). Biochemistry. 1996 Dec 24;35(51):16852-62.
Wu TT, Su YH, Block TM, Taylor JM. Evidence that two latency-associated transcripts of herpes simplex virus type 1 are nonlinear. Journal of Virology. 1996 Sep;70(9):5962-7.
Laub PB, Khorasanizadeh S, Roder H. Localized Solution Structure Refinement of an F45w Variant of Ubiquitin Using Stochastic Boundary Molecular-Dynamics and Nmr Distance Restraints. Protein Science. 1995 May;4(5):973-82.
Roder H. Watching Protein-Folding Unfold. Nature Structural Biology. 1995 Oct;2(10):817-20.
Wu LC, Laub PB, Elove GA, Carey J, Roder H. A Noncovalent Peptide Complex as a Model for an Early Folding Intermediate of Cytochrome-C. Biochemistry. 1993 Sep 28;32(38):10271-6.
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stability protein ferricytochrome-c nmr lysozyme exchange protein structures hydrogen-exchange cytochrome-c intermediate resolution heme methods ribonuclease-a kinetics Caco-2 Cells performance liquid-chromatography denatured staphylococcal nuclease phosphorothioate oligonucleotide chymotrypsin inhibitor-2 administration & dosage helix plants simulations guanidine-hydrochloride mice capillary electrophoresis site- 2d nmr hepatitis-delta virus directed mutagenesis 3-state model Mammals characterization phylogenetic trees Phylogeny computer program RESTA molten globule state tissue 3-dimensional structures subtrees hemoproteins 4-helix bundle genetics Nanoparticles Computer Simulation engineering procedure structure alkaline isomerization molten globule gel-electrophoresis Drug Carriers drug effects MHC Class II Genes peptides pig nuclear-magnetic-resonance Methylcellulose evolution zone electrophoresis Oral Administration conformation change bootstrap probability conotoxin gvia Insulin 2-dimensional nmr Cell Survival relaxation matrix magnetic circular-dichroism sh3 domain omega- molecular dynamics lactalbumin apomyoglobin Software spectroscopy domains Lipids MHC class II beta chain genes energy-transfer structural open reading frames c-14-labeled simulated annealing proteins gene intron enzyme oral drug delivery transition-state a-state antisense DNA review Histocompatibility Antigens Class II DNA Sequence Analysis molten-globule state Probability metabolism nmr-spectroscopy messenger-rna denaturation alpha- Genetic Models physiology geometry distribution pathway Reproducibility of Results sequence structural characterization Computational Biology phosphorothioate cavity-creating mutations folded apomyoglobin intermediate reliability phosphorothioates neurons oligodeoxynucleotide toxicity Drug Delivery Systems Drug Dose-Response Relationship biological-fluids pharmacokinetics nuclear overhauser effect mutagenesis microsecond time-scale dna nanotechnology alpha-lactalbumin relaxation matrix analysis transition encapsulation form coenzyme identification
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