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Publication Listing for the MeSH term site-directed mutagenesis. Found 7 abstracts

Xu M, Beresneva O, Rosario R, Roder H. Microsecond Folding Dynamics of Apomyoglobin at Acidic pH. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2012 Jun;116(23):7014-25.   PMCID: PMC3480020
Adams G, Tillekeratne M, Yu CL, Pestov NB, Modyanov NN. Catalytic function of nongastric H,K-ATPase expressed in Sf-21 insect cells. Biochemistry. 2001 May 15;40(19):5765-76.
Remigy H, Jaquinod M, Petillot Y, Gagnon J, Cheng H, Xia B, Markley JL, Hurley JK, Tollin G, Forest E. Probing the influence of mutations on the stability of a ferredoxin by mass spectrometry. Journal of Protein Chemistry. 1997 Jul;16(5):527-32.
Schultz M, Dutta S, Tew KD. Inhibitors of glutathione S-transferases as therapeutic agents. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 1997 Jul 07;26(2-3):91-104.
Carrell HL, Hoier H, Glusker JP. Modes of Binding Substrates and Their Analogs to the Enzyme D- Xylose Isomerase. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography. 1994 Mar;50:113-23.
Katz RA, Skalka AM. The Retroviral Enzymes. Annual Review of Biochemistry. 1994 Jan;63:133-73.
Radic MZ, Mackle J, Erikson J, Mol C, Anderson WF, Weigert M. Residues That Mediate DNA-Binding of Autoimmune Antibodies. Journal of Immunology. 1993 Jun;150(11):4966-77.
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