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Belyi VA, Levine AJ, Skalka AM. Unexpected Inheritance: Multiple Integrations of Ancient Bornavirus and Ebolavirus/Marburgvirus Sequences in Vertebrate Genomes. Plos Pathogens. 2010 Jul;6(7).   PMCID: PMC2912400
Schmitt MW, Matsumoto Y, Loeb LA. High fidelity and lesion bypass capability of human DNA polymerase delta. Biochimie. 2009 Sep;91(9):1163-72.   PMCID: PMC 2774493
Gudima SO, Chang JH, Taylor JM. Restoration in vivo of defective hepatitis delta virus RNA genomes. RNA-A PUBLICATION OF THE RNA SOCIETY. 2006 Jun;12(6):1061-73.
Ren Q, Yang H, Rosinski M, Conrad MN, Dresser ME, Guacci V, Zhang ZJ. Mutation of the cohesin related gene PDS5 causes cell death with predominant apoptotic features in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during early meiosis. Mutation Research-Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis. 2005 Mar;570(2):163-73.
Zhang ZJ, Ren Q, Yang H, Conrad MN, Guacci V, Kateneva A, Dresser ME. Budding yeast PDS5 plays an important role in meiosis and is required for sister chromatid cohesion. Molecular Microbiology. 2005 May;56(3):670-80.
de Caceres, Frolova N, Varkonyi RJ, Dulaimi NJ, Broccoli D, Cairns P. Telomerase is frequently activated in tumors with microsatellite instability. Cancer Biology & Therapy. 2004 Mar;3(3):289-92.
Strich R, Mallory MJ, Jarnik M, Cooper KF. Cyclin B-cdk activity stimulates meiotic rereplication in budding yeast. Genetics. 2004 Aug;167(4):1621-8.
Daniel R, Katz RA, Skalka AM. A role for DNA-PK in retroviral DNA integration. Science (New York, NY). 1999 Apr 23;284(5414):644-7.
Chan DW, Gately DP, Urban S, Galloway AM, Lees-Miller SP, Yen T, Allalunis-Turner J. Lack of correlation between ATM protein expression and tumour cell radiosensitivity. International Journal of Radiation Biology. 1998 Aug;74(2):217-24.
Chang Y, Bosma MJ. Effect of different Ig transgenes on B cell differentiation in scid mice. International Immunology. 1997 Mar;9(3):373-80.
Bujacz G, Jaskolski M, Alexandratos J, Wlodawer A, Merkel G, Katz RA, Skalka AM. The catalytic domain of avian sarcoma virus integrase: Conformation of the active-site residues in the presence of divalent cations. Structure (London, England : 1993). 1996 Jan 15;4(1):89-96.
Katz RA, Merkel G, Skalka AM. Targeting of retroviral integrase by fusion to a heterologous DNA binding domain: In vitro activities and incorporation of a fusion protein into viral particles. Virology. 1996 Mar;217(1):178-90.
Li YS, Wasserman R, Hayakawa K, Hardy RR. Identification of the earliest B lineage stage in mouse bone marrow. Immunity. 1996 Dec;5(6):527-35.
Crosby AH, Scherpbierheddema T, Wijmenga C, Altherr MR, Murray JC, Buetow KH, Dixon MJ. Genetic-Mapping of the Dentinogenesis Imperfecta Type-Ii Locus. American journal of human genetics. 1995 Oct;57(4):832-9.
Hardy RR, Hayakawa K. B-lineage differentiation stages resolved by multiparameter flow cytometry. In: Immunoglobulin Gene Expression in Development and Disease. 1995. p. 19-24.
Rebbeck TR, Lustbader ED, Buetow KH. Somatic Allele Loss in Genetic-Linkage Analysis of Cancer. Genetic epidemiology. 1994 Jan;11(5):419-29.
Buetow KH, Duggan D, Yang BS, Ludwigsen S, Puck J, Porter J, Budarf M, Spielman R, Emanuel BS. A Microsatellite-Based Multipoint Index Map of Human- Chromosome-22. Genomics. 1993 Nov;18(2):329-39.
Gondo Y, Gardner JM, Nakatsu Y, Durhampierre D, Deveau SA, Kuper C, Brilliant MH. High-Frequency Genetic Reversion Mediated by a DNA Duplication - the Mouse Pink-Eyed Unstable Mutation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1993 Jan;90(1):297-301.
Kotloff DB, Bosma MJ, Ruetsch NR. V(D)J Recombination in Peritoneal B-Cells of Leaky Scid Mice. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 1993 Dec;178(6):1981-94.
Loftus SK, Edwards SJ, Scherpbierheddema T, Buetow KH, Wasmuth JJ, Dixon MJ. A Combined Genetic and Radiation Hybrid Map Surrounding the Treacher-Collins Syndrome Locus on Chromosome-5q. Human molecular genetics. 1993 Nov;2(11):1785-92.
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recombination v(d)j identification localization protein saccharomyces-cerevisiae expression dna polymorphisms mutation bone-marrow meiosis chromosome segregation fission yeast escherichia-coli hiv-1 region multilocus linkage analysis replication lymphocytes-b strand break repair immunoglobulin heavy human genome deletion invitro ligase-iv dna-repair in-vivo rna reconstitution gc rearrangement yeast DNA double-strand breaks necrosis absence transcription specificity combined immune-deficiency avian-sarcoma polymerase genes chromosome-7 somatic genetic mutation Pds5p normal human-cells dimerization progenitors long arm joining mechanism arabidopsis chromosome condensation apoptosis Biochemistry & Molecular Biology human-immunodeficiency-virus signal gene dna-damage immunoglobulin transgenes heavy-chain gene light chain genes family homologous recombination Saccharomyces cerevisiae segregation intramolecular RNA recombination ASV locus messenger-rna immune-response ebola-virus holoenzyme heterozygosity product repair lineage cells s-phase sequence polymerase chain-reaction sister-chromatid cohesion molecular phylogeny synaptonemal complex surrogate light-chain sequences ribonuclease-h human cancer glycoprotein retroviral integration calf thymus site-specific RNA polymerase II RNA-directed transcription lines clonal disease-virus cell-differentiation system dinucleotide repeat polymorphism mouse thymocytes lod score ataxia-telangiectasia gene integrase hematopoietic precursor cells variable-region genes loss of heterozygosity junctional viruses exonuclease mammalian genomes DNA replication fidelity DNA polymerase delta-Proofreading-Lesion bypass synthesis kappa gene rearrangement premeiotic dna-replication resistance mitosis growth-factor lexa binding genome alpha elongation rag-1-deficient mice family cancer syndromes damage mammalian-cells eukaryotic replication fork crystal-structure integration hepatitis delta virus virus dna-binding pathways gene-transcription nucleoprotein viral genome proteins escape tolerance murine leukemia- t-cells viral-dna tumor suppressor genes linkage analysis kinase activity AIDS immunoglobulin genes dependent protein-kinase life-span HIV radioresponsiveness developmental switch hamster ovary cell fetal liver
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