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Barone FC, Marcinkiewicz C, Li J, Sternberg M, Lelkes PI, Dikin DA, Bergold PJ, Gerstenhaber JA, Feuerstein G. Pilot study on biocompatibility of fluorescent nanodiamond-(NV)-Z~800 particles in rats: safety, pharmacokinetics, and bio-distribution (part III). International journal of nanomedicine. 2018 Jan;13:5449-68.   PMCID: PMC6149985
Russo J. Significance of Rat Mammary Tumors for Human Risk Assessment. Toxicol Pathol. 2015 Feb;43(2):145-70.
Velvadapu V, McDonnell ME, Jaffe EK, Reitz AB. Facile synthesis of mutagen X (MX): 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-5H-furan-2-one. Tetrahedron Letters. 2012 Jun;53(25):3144-6.   PMCID: PMC3398704
Gallo JM. Pharmacokinetics: Model structure and transport systems (Reprinted from Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems, pg 55-86, 2000). Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. 2001 Jan;18(3):235-66.
Crino PB, Henske EP. New developments in the neurobiology of the tuberous sclerosis complex. Neurology. 1999 Oct 22;53(7):1384-90.
Gate L, Schultz M, Walsh E, Dhalluin S, Ba GN, Tapiero H, Tew KD. Impact of dietary supplement of Crassostrea gigas extract (JCOE) on glutathione levels and glutathione S-transferase activity in rat tissues. In Vivo. 1998 May;12(3):299-303.
Hamilton TC, Penault-Llorca F, Dauplat J. Natural history of epithelial ovarian cancer: from epidemiology to experimentation. Contraception Fertilite Sexualite. 1998 Nov;26(11):800-4.
Russo IH, Russo J. Role of hormones in mammary cancer initiation and progression. Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia. 1998 Jan;3(1):49-61.
Knudson AG, Hino O. Meeting report: Genetic Environmental Interactions in Cancer Susceptibility in Animal Models. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1997 Nov 19;89(22):1669-72.
KupczykSubotkowska L, Siahaan TJ, Basile AS, Friedman HS, Higgins PE, Song D, Gallo JM. Modulation of melphalan resistance in glioma cells with a peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ligand melphalan conjugate. Journal of medicinal chemistry. 1997 May 23;40(11):1726-30.
Wu KB, Knox R, Sun XZ, Joseph P, Jaiswal AK, Zhang D, Deng PS, Chen S. Catalytic properties of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase-2 (NQO2), a dihydronicotinamide riboside dependent oxidoreductase. Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. 1997 Nov 15;347(2):221-8.
Ciaccio PJ, Shen HX, Kruh GD, Tew KD. Effects of chronic ethacrynic acid exposure on glutathione conjugation and MRP expression in human colon tumor cells. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 1996 May 06;222(1):111-5.
Jin F, Wienecke R, Xiao GH, Maize JC, DeClue JE, Yeung RS. Suppression of tumorigenicity by the wild-type tuberous sclerosis 2 (Tsc2) gene and its C-terminal region. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1996 Aug 20;93(17):9154-9.
SutantoWard E, Arisawa Y, Tremiterra S, Sigurdson ER. Regional chemotherapy for colorectal hepatic metastases: Evidence for improved survival with new drug combinations. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 1996 Jan;3(1):36-43.
Clapper ML, Everley LC, Strobel LA, Townsend AJ, Engstrom PF. Coordinate Induction of Glutathione S-Transferase-Alpha, S- Transferase-Mu, and S-Transferase-Pi Expression in Murine Liver after a Single Administration of Oltipraz. Molecular Pharmacology. 1994 Mar;45(3):469-74.
Oboyle KP, Mattes MJ, Sigurdson ER, Sutantoward E, Divgi CR, Welt S, Wright KE. Localization of Complement-Fixing Cytotoxic Monoclonal- Antibodies to Subcutaneous Tumors and Liver Metastases in a Syngeneic Immunocompetent Rat Colon-Carcinoma Model. Journal of Immunotherapy. 1994 Apr;15(3):175-84.
Alvarado MV, Russo J, Russo IH. Immunolocalization of Inhibin in the Mammary-Gland of Rats Treated with Hcg. Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry. 1993 Jan;41(1):29-34.
Kuzmich S, Vanderveer LA, Walsh ES, Lacreta FP, Tew KD. Increased Levels of Glutathione-S-Transferase Pi-Transcript as a Mechanism of Resistance to Ethacrynic-Acid. Biochemical Journal. 1992 Jan;281:219-24.
Moody DE, Loury DN, Hammock BD, Ruebner BH, Cullen JM, Hillman JH, Hillman DW, Rao MS, London WT, Hann HW, Millman I, Griffin MJ. Serum Epoxide Hydrolase (Preneoplastic Antigen) in Human and Experimental Liver-Injury. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. 1992 Jul;1(5):395-403.
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rat cells inhibition identification expression proteins tumors carcinogenesis differentiation mice breast-cancer brain glutathione carcinoma cancer carcinoma in situ tuberin 1991 eng kc-proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the united states of america-v88-p9974 malignant-melanoma dysplasia steroid hormones trans-stilbene oxide renal carcinoma invasive cancer eker vivo quantitation quinone fluorescent nanodiamond particles floxuridine hormone chemoprevention assay monoclonal antibodies infusion mucochloric acid compartmental analysis FUdR tuberous-sclerosis-2 tsc2 gene scanning electron microscopy gd3 hcg human chorionic-gonadotropin partition-coefficients plasma breast cancer-cells reductase mutations catalytic activity epithelial- dt-diaphorase randomized trial Furanone Mutagen X-Chlorine-Mucochloric acid-Mutagenicity eker rat model rat mammary carcinomas line dominantly inherited cancer mammary tumors transforming growth-factor binding-sites growth genetic classification fluorodeoxyuridine disposition amino-acid-sequence brain-tumors chromosome 16p133 antiprogestins rhesus-monkey liver derivatives tuberous sclerosis complex rnas neurobehavioral function enzyme 2-dithiol-3- hepatic metastases drinking-water colon cancer cortical tubers depletion susceptibility mutation messenger- ovarian cancer fetoprotein enzymes syngeneic bd ix rats rhabdomyosarcoma xenograft heterozygosity alpha- sensitive cell-lines gland product hyperplastic nodules glutathione transferase thione oltipraz 5-fluorouridine neurobiology phase-i ganglioside antiestrogens hepatic arterial ductal hyperplasia dithiolthiones prolactin c-kit invitro inducible expression 1991 ang lw-teratogenesis carcinogenesis and mutagenesis-v11-p103 colorectal cancer resistance spontaneous transformation chemotherapy acceptor oxidoreductase chlorination binding cell-proliferation alpha cdna subunits ovulation mammary gland immature female rats hereditary cancer recurrent gliomas inhibin immunocompetence localization near infrared imaging Crassostrea gigas fibroadenoma gene deletion target rap1 neurofibromatosis in receptor content growth- complement mitomycin C protein peroxisome proliferator giant-cell astrocytoma surface escherichia-coli growth factors immunocytochemistry leukocytes lung- biocompatibility differential display
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