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Kamat AA, Baldwin M, Urbauer D, Dang D, Han LY, Godwin A, Karlan BY, Simpson JL, Gershenson DM, Coleman RL, Bischoff FZ, Sood AK. Plasma Cell-Free DNA in Ovarian Cancer An Independent Prognostic Biomarker. Cancer. 2010 Apr;116(8):1918-25.   PMCID: PMC2854845
Stoyanova R, Nicholls AW, Nicholson JK, Lindon JC, Brown TR. Automatic alignment of individual peaks in large high-resolution spectral data sets. Journal of Magnetic Resonance. 2004 Oct;170(2):329-35.
Ochs MF, Stoyanova RS, Arias-Mendoza F, Brown TR. A new method for spectral decomposition using a bilinear Bayesian approach. Journal of Magnetic Resonance. 1999 Mar;137(1):161-76.
Gonen O, Viswanathan AK, Catalaa I, Babb J, Udupa J, Grossman RI. Total brain N-acetylaspartate concentration in normal, age- grouped females: Quantitation with non-echo proton NMR spectroscopy. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1998 Nov;40(5):684-9.
Murphy-Boesch J, Jiang H, Stoyanova R, Brown TR. Quantification of phosphorus metabolites from chemical shift imaging spectra with corrections for point spread effects and B-1 inhomogeneity. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1998 Mar;39(3):429-38.
Gonen O, AriasMendoza F, Goelman G. 3D localized in vivo H-1 spectroscopy of human brain by using a hybrid of 1D-Hadamard with 2D chemical shift imaging. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1997 May;37(5):644-50.
Gonen O, Mohebbi A, Stoyanova R, Brown TR. In vivo phosphorus polarization transfer and decoupling from protons in three-dimensional localized nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of human brain. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1997 Feb;37(2):301-6.
AriasMendoza F, Javaid T, Stoyanova R, Brown TR, Gonen O. Heteronuclear multivoxel spectroscopy of in vivo human brain: Two-dimensional proton interleaved with three-dimensional H-1- decoupled phosphorus chemical shift imaging. Nmr in Biomedicine. 1996 May;9(3):105-13.
Gonen O, Hu J, Murphyboesch J, Stoyanova R, Brown TR. Dual Interleaved H-1 and Proton-Decoupled-P-31 in-Vivo Chemical-Shift Imaging of Human Brain. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1994 Jul;32(1):104-9.
Moody DE, Loury DN, Hammock BD, Ruebner BH, Cullen JM, Hillman JH, Hillman DW, Rao MS, London WT, Hann HW, Millman I, Griffin MJ. Serum Epoxide Hydrolase (Preneoplastic Antigen) in Human and Experimental Liver-Injury. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention. 1992 Jul;1(5):395-403.
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quantitation invivo spectra tumors quantification metabolites principal-component analysis proton spectroscopy p-31 nmr-spectroscopy images spectroscopy in-vivo p-31 nmr-spectra phosphorus metabolites phosphorus distributions h-1 mr spectroscopy CSI 1 mr spectroscopy metabolite images human-brain benign Bayesian methods Hadamard in vivo spectroscopy white matter p-31 to-noise ratio times NMR heteronuclear- segmentation metabonomics therapy enhancement relaxation positive additive distributions magnetic resonance spectroscopy birdcage barr-virus dna magnetic-resonance spectroscopy principal component analysis pattern recognition-spectroscopy-spectral correction-metabonomics sensitivity pulses pet N-acetylaspartate pattern-recognition errors localization human calf real-time polymerase chain reaction cell-free DNA-prognosis-ovarian cancer-biomarker nasopharyngeal carcinoma marker mixture analysis nuclear magnetic-resonance spectral analysis relaxation- interleaved spectroscopy rhesus-monkey liver cancer metabolite brain h-1 csi human brain relaxation-times magnetic-resonance-spectroscopy rat lung-cancer peroxisome proliferator fetoprotein bilinear forms circulating dna nmr-spectroscopy computation classification alpha- multivoxel polarization transfer chemical shift imaging 3D CSI systems muscle suppression hyperplastic nodules serum dna h- mr spectroscopy high-energy phosphates toxicity nmr proton decoupling imaging spectroscopy hepatocellular-carcinoma hepatitis-b hepatocarcinogenesis decoupling multiple-sclerosis lesions surface-coil nmr
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