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Publication Listing for the MeSH term quality assurance. Found 12 abstracts

Zaorsky NG, Ricco AG, Churilla TM, Horwitz EM, Den RB. ASTRO APEx(R) and RO-ILS are applicable to medical malpractice in radiation oncology. Future Oncol. 2016 Nov;12(22):2643-57.
Li JS, Lin T, Chen LL, Price RA, Ma CM. Uncertainties in IMRT dosimetry. Medical Physics. 2010 Jun;37(6):2491-500.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Tanisada K, Teshima T, Ohno Y, Inoue T, Abe M, Ikeda H, Owen JB, Hanks GE, Masuda K, Honke Y, Japanese Patterns Care S. Patterns of care study quantitative evaluation of the quality of radiotherapy in Japan. Cancer. 2002 Jul;95(1):164-71.
Michalski JM, Purdy JA, Winter K, Roach M, Vijayakumar S, Sandler HM, Markoe AM, Ritter MA, Russell KJ, Sailer S, Harms WB, Perez CA, Wilder RB, Hanks GE, Cox JD. Preliminary report of toxicity following 3D radiation therapy for prostate cancer on 3DOG/RTOG 9406. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 2000 Jan 15;46(2):391-402.
Tanisada K, Teshima T, Inoue T, Owen JB, Hanks GE, Abe M, Ikeda H, Sato S, Kawachi K, Yamashita T, Nishio M, Hiraoka M, Hirokawa Y, Oguchi M, Masuda K. National average for the process of radiation therapy in Japan by Patterns of Care Study. Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1999 Apr;29(4):209-13.
Das IJ, Desobry GE, McNeeley SW, Cheng EC, Schultheiss TE. Beam characteristics of a retrofitted double-focused multileaf collimator. Medical Physics. 1998 Sep;25(9):1676-84.
Fraass B, Doppke K, Hunt M, Kutcher G, Starkschall G, Stern R, Van Dyke J. American Association of Physicists in Medicine radiation therapy committee task group 53: Quality assurance for clinical radiotherapy treatment planning. Medical Physics. 1998 Oct;25(10):1773-829.
McGee KP, Fein DA, Hanlon AL, Schultheiss TE, Fowble BL. The value of setup portal films as an estimate of a patient's position throughout fractionated tangential breast irradiation: An on-line study. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1997 Jan;37(1):223-8.
Fein DA, McGee KP, Schultheiss TE, Fowble BL, Hanks GE. Intra- and interfractional reproducibility of tangential breast fields: A prospective on-line portal imaging study. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1996 Feb;34(3):733-40.
Das IJ, Bushe HS. Backscattering and Transmission through a High-Z Interface as a Measure of Electron-Beam Energy. Medical Physics. 1994 Feb;21(2):315-9.
Kutcher GJ, Coia L, Gillin M, Hanson WF, Leibel S, Morton RJ, Palta JR, Purdy JA, Reinstein LE, Svensson GK, Weller M, Wingfield L. Comprehensive Qa for Radiation Oncology - Report of Aapm Radiation-Therapy Committee Task-Group-40. Medical Physics. 1994 Apr;21(4):581-618.
Sebagmontefiore DJ, Maher EJ, Young J, Hudson GV, Hanks G. Variation in Mantle Technique - Implications for Establishing Priorities for Quality Assurance in Clinical-Trials. Radiotherapy and Oncology. 1992 Mar;23(3):144-9.
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